How to eat ability nutrition?


“Would you not give your baby extra vitamin supplements?” “Is it good to make up the supplements, or is it a nutritional supplement?” “How to make a nutritious food supplement?” “Do you need vitamin D or a multivitamin?” I believe all of the above are the mothers. Need to add common questions when eating. Here are some tips for your mother.

For normal feeding babies, generally speaking, the nutrition is sufficient, and it is not easy to lack vitamins. If the baby can’t get enough sunshine often, you can go to the hospital to do a trace element test to see if it needs calcium, vitamin D or vitamin supplement. A.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that promotes calcium absorption, while vitamin AD drops, also called cod liver oil, are complex nutrients that also contain vitamin A and vitamin D. Before supplementation, according to the recommendations of doctors or professional dietitians, according to the prescribed usage and dosage, it is not allowed to add or overdose. Because vitamin A and vitamin D are fat-soluble vitamins, excessive intake is prone to poisoning.

In general, babies from 6 months to 3 years old are more prone to vitamin A poisoning. The main symptoms of acute poisoning include vomiting, irritability, enlarged head circumference, headache, optic disc edema, diplopia, etc., while chronic poisoning may cause vomiting. , irritability, itchy skin and other symptoms. Therefore, vitamin supplements must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Efficacy: Pumpkin steamed egg, not only rich in color and flavor, but also rich in nutrients. Ingredients such as eggs, lean meat and other foods rich in high-quality protein are very beneficial to the growth and development of your baby’s bones and muscles. At the same time rich in a variety of vitamins, can promote healthy growth of the baby.


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