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Nuro, an autonomous driving delivery startup, is working with Domino’s to launch a pilot pilotless delivery of pizza in Houston, Texas. Beginning later this year, Domino will use the Nuro’s unmanned custom robot fleet to provide pizza to Houston residents who place orders online.

Founded by two former members of Google’s groundbreaking autopilot team, Nuro has been using its R1 robotic fleet to provide groceries for Scottsdale, Arizona, and the nearest Houston residents. If the Domino’s test is performing well, it is safe to assume that Nuro will also extend it to other markets.

Since the Japanese technology company Softbank has invested $1 billion, Nuro has been strengthening its business activities in recent months. For a little-known startup that is engaged in autonomous driving, this round of financing is a huge vote of confidence. Founded in 2016, Nuro focuses on food supply rather than transportation to make it stand out.

Nuro is one of the few companies that today operates fully unmanned vehicles on public roads. Its R1 is about half the size of a compact car, shorter than most models, and it has no space for passengers or drivers, but the vehicle is not completely unmonitored. Nuro uses a tracking vehicle with human drivers and remote technology to monitor the movement of each unmanned vehicle.


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