Today’s SUVs seem to have reached the bottleneck, but consumers still have a lot of enthusiasm for the functional structure of the SUV. The compact SUV of each brand is still the backbone of the SUV market. The SUVs of medium and large-scale are still the treasures of luxury cars, and the small SUVs are not abandoned by manufacturers and consumers because of the small size. Small SUVs have also become the main products of the major companies.

The main selling point of small SUVs is not in space and carrying capacity. If you want space, you can choose compact or even medium-sized SUVs with space as the core selling point. The task of small SUVs is mainly to meet the requirements of young people for individuality and freedom of travel. For younger consumers, conforming to their aesthetic design is sometimes more

important than performance and configuration.

In the last comparison with Mercedes-Benz GLA and Jaguar E-PACE, I gave the most eye-catching conclusions of the Audi Q2L design. Today’s opponents are replaced by Lexus UX and Acura CDX, but my conclusion has not changed. Whether it’s the application of fashion elements, the combination of line and face, or the overall visual effect. The Audi Q2L is still the most visually appealing. Breaking through the design of the traditional model of the Audi family products, the Audi Q2L is full of freshness. The more beautiful body painting, chrome-plated embellishment, contrast color C-pillar design, etc., are excellent for enhancing the visual stimulation effect, which is very suitable for young people’s aesthetic taste. However, the side line of the Audi Q2L is not too arrogant, and the relatively straight waistline is slightly conservative.

The biggest highlight of the Lexus UX design is the spindle front face of the Lexus family. The spindle-shaped front face is not very suitable for ES, but it does not contradict the UX, the sharpness of the spindle-shaped front face. The smaller body of UX is more matched. The sharp lines on the UX side, the layered design of the front part, and the prominent front and rear wheel eyebrows enhance the overall three-dimensionality of Lexus UX. Together to create a more dynamic and stylish visual texture.


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