In the previous article, “National Six” let the standard car discount diving, parallel imported cars directly cool? After the article, the car monarch received a lot of comments from the readers in the background. Everyone generally cares about the current preferential margins. They want to sneak in the bottom, and even some friends ask directly: Is our 32 million yuan Prado reliable?

Sorry, the answer is no. According to the information currently available by the car, the preferential range of the mainstream parallel imported hot models is not exaggerated. The lowest price of the Prado 2.7L is still maintained at around 400,000 yuan. 99% of the online low price quotes are suspected of fraud traps. Buy parallel imported cars or recommend that you compare the goods to three, and the dealers with good reputation and large scale are not difficult to find on the forum.

Let me talk about how much impact on the parallel imported car market if the Middle East is delisted? In 2018, parallel imported cars sold a total of 138,500 units, and the total number of popular Middle Eastern cars sold by Prado, Land Cruiser, Tourbike and Pajero exceeded 70,000 units, plus FJ Cool Road, BMW X5 and Land Rover Range Rover. Dissipated, conservatively speaking, the Middle East is the least half of the market for the entire parallel imported car market.

On the other hand, since the “National Six” has little impact on the US and the regulation, the preferential nature of these two specifications is passively implemented by the adjustment of the price of competing products. At the same time, the Mexican version and the European regulations are mainly composed of Audi Q5, Mustang Mustang (also beautiful, regulated version) and diesel Range Rover and other niche, the market share is small, not to mention the possibility of upgrading. In theory, the only real initiative is the Middle East.


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