Take stock of four supercars in the world that cost over $3 million!


2013 Lykan Hypersport is the first Arab supercar in Dubai’s W Motors, with an impressive structure. It has a 750 hp engine that can range from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Its top speed reaches 245 miles per hour. It cost $3.4 million.

McLaren P1 LM 2017.McLaren P1 LM is the legal version of the original car, made possible by changing Lanzarote sports. The body remains roughly the same, streamlined and tilted with windshield and spoiler to reduce drag and increase the car’s aerodynamics, and to sell one of five models, you will have to pay $4 million.

The 2013 lamborghini Veneno features a bright Lamborghini front and headlights, based on the Lamborghini Aventador design, which can reach 60 mph in 3 seconds, but is nearly 300 pounds lighter. For a car like this, you have to pay $4.5 million.

Ferrari 250 GTO in 1962. Most of the cars on this list were made in recent years. However, the most expensive supercar ever built was actually built in 1962. Originally designed for racing and defeating the Jaguar e-type, the car was the first to be designed with a front-engine in 1962. It has a top speed of 173 mph. In 2014, the Ferrari 250 GTO was sold at an auction price of $38.1 million. According to reports, it has never been fully confirmed, but in 2013 it was sold for $52 million in private equity.


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