McLaren – once the fastest supercar, it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 370km/h


The McLaren F1 also pioneered the introduction of a supercar in the revolutionary concept of the cockpit: three seats placed side by side in the cockpit and the driver’s seat in the middle. The aim is to obtain an F1 car with and without driving control and an ideal body weight distribution, which is one of the reasons why it is called the McLaren F1.

MclarenF1 used to be the fastest production car in the world. This record went from mass production in 1994 to production stoppage in 2005, making it the fastest sports car record in the world. MclarenF1 was built by the famous British racing research and manufacturing company Mclaren. The company’s engineers and technicians use a lot of F1 racing technology in sports cars, so its name comes from it. It can be said that it is purebred F1. Although many cars in the industry are able to surpass the Mclaren F1 as quickly as possible, it still has the title of the world’s fastest naturally aspirated sports car.

The F1 uses a super-displacement V12 self-priming engine, because although turbocharging or supercharging technology can effectively increase the engine’s power, increasing the supercharger will make the engine structure more complicated, reduce the reliability of the engine, and the dynamic response will not Direct as a naturally aspirated engine.

The suspension is very compact, and the Mclaren F1 is arguably the smallest member of the super sports car, even the Porsche sports car BOXSTER. The MclarenF1 is 4.28 meters long and 1.820 meters wide, which is similar to some small cars today. Unlike most supercars, the MclarenF1’s gearbox is horizontally oriented and the gearbox is as small as the engine. Even if the engine is placed at the rear of the rear seat, it does not increase the capacity of the engine compartment.

According to the designer, the unique design of the driver’s seat, placed in the middle of the cockpit, is the most interesting to drive. The car is equipped with air conditioning, high-end Japanese Kenwood audio system, GPS navigation system and vehicle self-diagnosis system. These configurations are not easy in a super sports car. After all, sports cars are for speed, not for enjoyment.


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