Hydra schmidt two-door six-wheel supercar, domineering style is very impressive


As shown, the hydra schmidt two-door supercar has a cool, stylish design that is said to be custom made for the movie.

The hydra schmidt is powered by a 16-cylinder engine based on the older Mercedes 540K.

It is the only customized car version in the world and is currently being collected from the American Automobile Museum.

The red dragonfly appeared in the film captain America, and the lighting effect was very domineering. The success of this film is also inseparable from the domineering car decoration.

The interior design looks outdated. Some say it is the center console of an old-fashioned aircraft with six wheels and powerful off-road capabilities.

According to industry insiders, this car is built by Bentley, Mercedes and other outstanding designers, not only from the design, but also technically worth collecting.


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