The most powerful lamborghini limited edition poison, known as the “most handsome” supercar!


Lamborghini launched a commemorative edition of its supercar Lamborghini Veneno at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. At a price of $4.5 million, the price of a super sports car makes many people in the market have no choice but to pay the price.

This is the world’s convertible version, which is said to be the “poison” of the green convertible version.

One is black and white, with a considerable visual impact!

The red one gives you a wild feeling, it is as strong and powerful as the bull in the bullring on the track!

Personally, I think the tail of the poison is the sexiest, just like the fighter is ready to take off, full of impact, and people don’t want to stay away from the time limit. What do you think?


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