Better than a supercar, optimus prime.


Few of us have seen Transformers, and Optimus Prime is the favorite character of many post-80s children. Optimus Prime is well known in the car, and his prototype has not seen many people in reality, but the car in China has recently appeared. As Optimus Prime, wherever you go, it is the focus of attention, and the appearance is full of impact. More expensive than a luxury car, it leads to fullness. Many people can be excited after seeing 80. How can such a car not raise its eyebrows?

Many people don’t know the name of this car. Everyone calls him Optimus Prime. In fact, its model name is Peter Bilt 389. This car is mainly a transporter. Although it looks cool, it can’t be used in the family. Of course, some people like optimism very much and buy this car to fulfill their childhood dreams.

From the perspective of appearance, the model is very sharp. The car’s red and blue are very classic, this is the classic color of the Optimus Prime in the cartoon. The shape in front of it is more chic, huge in the square, with three chrome-plated functions in the middle, the items are separated, giving a very positive sense of righteousness. The headlights on both sides are at the bottom of the net, the head is very beautiful in color and the decorative pattern is beautiful. It was deafening when a row of horns at the top of the car rang.

The overall feeling from the side of the car is more attractive, although the overall shape is not too exaggerated, but the color is very sharp, the red decorative pattern is like a fire, the blue is the sea deep, and the two colors generally collide with each other, making this truck very unusual. Fashion, to tell the truth, the car opened the sister’s absolute super artifact.

This peterbilt 389 is 9.347 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and has a wheelbase of more than 7.1 meters. It is definitely a monster in terms of size. 8 tons and 600 horsepower, it is the best. However, this car looks cumbersome and is mainly used for commercial purposes. But in fact, the interior refrigerator and cruise control are very comfortable, although it is a truck, it can be enjoyed as a luxury car.

Peter Bildt 389’s performance on the interior is more retro, look at these physical keys is estimated that people will have a headache, this car is absolutely wild level control, the overall control performance can be said to be amazing. In terms of comfort, the peterbilt 389 also performed very well. The interior is very spacious.

It is said that Optimus Prime is a commercial vehicle, but it must be said that the exterior and interior are very cool.


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