Worth more than 100 million can not buy the super run, can be called the most difficult to buy ferrari, tuhao zhihu can not afford to buy


Ferrari, even the current entry-level 488, is far from reach for many people, and it is more difficult to have Ferrari’s high-end and even flagship models. For example, if you want to buy a Ferrari LaFerrari, you not only need to pay more than 20 million yuan, but you also need to be a member of Ferrari and have the 40th and 50th anniversary models (F40 and F50) and the former flagship Ferrari ENZO.

However, Ferrari has launched a new super sports car, which is what Ferrari – diehard fans dream of. This is Ferrari’s FXX K Evolution, which has launched the FXX K model designed for the track since 2005. Ferrari’s current flagship supercar, Ferrari LaFerrari, cites the design of the car in many ways. How hard is it to buy this car?

There are many restrictions on buying a Ferrari sports car. For example, first of all, buying any Ferrari requires more than 500,000 proof of assets and no bad driving record. Buying f4 requires more than 100 million euros in assets (more than 10 million euros in Europe) and is a member of the Ferrari Club, which requires more than three Ferraris. In addition to the above requirements, you must also have an F40. Enzo’s requirements are F40 and F50. The FXX also includes Enzo with a racing license. If not, you can take part in a training organized by Ferrari.

Ferrari Enzo

The front and pointed red sports car is Ferrari Enzo, named after its founder, Enzo Ferrari. What kind of sports car is it worth, it is worth the name of the founder of Ferrari, what good is it?

Born in 2002, Enzo is a tribute to the 60th anniversary of Ferrari and the first flagship HyperCar built by Ferrari in the 21st century. It can be said that Enzo represents Ferrari’s understanding of the top sports cars of the 21st century and the highest level of technology of Ferrari at the time.

This car means rare and expensive. Enzo was limited to 399 years and was later produced by the Pope. Enzo is very expensive at the time of sale and is priced at $600,000. However, given Ferrari’s strict eligibility requirements, it is almost impossible to get Enzo’s funds soon.

Ferrari F50

The F50 is a Ferrari commemorative car with a limited edition of 349 vehicles worldwide. Ferrari is the world’s most famous manufacturer of racing cars and sports cars. Founded in 1929 by enzo ferrari, he is an international racing champion and an epoch-making car planner. Most Ferrari cars are handmade, so the output is very low. The annual output value is only about 4,000, so the price is very expensive. In addition to many Ferrari models, the F50 was designed by Ferrari specifically to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary, with 349 vehicles worldwide. It is equipped with twin turbocharger to increase the maximum power to 800 hp!

Ferrari F40

For Ferrari, this is the highest level they have established in the first 40 years. It is also old Enzo, arrogant, scheming, and scheming, but always obsessed with his dreams and passions, “old hooligans”, personally leading Ferrari to develop last. Super sports car.

The F40 was released at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show and enzo ferrari died on August 14, 1988. Therefore, the F40 is of great significance.

The V8 3.0t twin-turbo engine delivers 478ps of horsepower and 577Nm of torque. This is the 80s! The F40 weighs only 1100 kg! The cylinder is at a 90 degree angle, a typical recipe 1 system!

Ferrari FXX K.

The Ferrari FXX K is equipped with a 6262cc V12 naturally aspirated engine and motor with a maximum power of 1050hp, a peak torque of over 900nm and a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. It will be one of the biggest stars in conquering the world, but for such a rare existence, it will be owned by a very demanding car. In addition to money, you must be a big fan of Ferrari. At that time, the price was as high as 20 million yuan, which was not included in the speculation price. If you think that at the beginning of this car, only a few models have been sold at a high price, all out of print, calculated, worth more than 100 million, can not buy, so for this car, really not rich Buy, even if you can buy, someone else is tired of using second-hand vegetables.


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