The 563 horse power Infiniti project black S is not a concept car.


The Blake project is the result of the ever-evolving collaboration between Infiniti and Renault’s Formula One team. So much so that the prototypes based on the Q60 Red Motion 400 are mostly made by formula one suppliers from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.
Its unique dual hybrid system consists of a pair of thermal energy collection system (mgu-hs) and a double turbocharged VR 30 V6 driven by a kinetic energy collection device (mgu-k). This means that hybrid cars can generate energy under acceleration and braking. To be exact, there are 563 horses.
Infiniti took advantage of the rapid prototyping and digital simulation capabilities of the Renault movement, using a team of usually two or three people, and prepared a development vehicle in just 18 months. Although the decision was made at Infiniti’s Hong Kong headquarters, the Renault Form One team in Britain was designed to work for the French Renault Sports Racing Company. The French subsidiary is responsible for the Q60 size dual hybrid system, while the London Design Department of Infiniti has proposed a composite aerodynamics scheme. Teamwork.
With a large number of car manufacturers, Infiniti decided not to take part in this year’s Paris motor show. But they do have black events there, and Franois Bancon, Infiniti’s vice president for racing cars and related vehicles. We have to ask him when he can drive.
Is this a pure concept or more of a prototype of a future production vehicle?
The idea is not to create another sports car. This is a technical study. A real, serious technology research, using F1 inspired technology. We don’t want to confuse others. This is not a design or something like that. This is a scientific development research based on the existing vehicle. We want to use these technologies in the production of cars. So we’re at a stage when the architecture, packaging, component selection, and all the software (for energy management) are done. Now, we’re going to enter a phase where we need to test the car to see if it works, because so far everything has been digitally managed. Of course, we put the dyno of the engine, but that’s all. Perhaps in November or December, we will conduct the first validation. This is another reason why we don’t want a concept car. Because we want it to end on the track. The goal is to invite the media to drive some time next year and tell me what it is.
Can it be put into production? I didn’t know it was a very high-tech automobile using Formula One suppliers as well as our normal. What about the cost on that road? To be honest, we haven’t reached that point yet. Of course we have an idea, but it’s too early. Our challenge is to increase cost effectiveness. However, using a generic hybrid system, you can not achieve the same level of performance.

For example, when we decide to go to an electric turbine, which doesn’t exist outside today’s equation 1, it’s more complicated for us because we need two electric turbines. This is not the amount of performance, but the feeling that it will be a very different story. There is an electronic turbine that basically has no lag. We want to learn how to maximize energy chains in cars. Of course, this technology will require a higher voltage subsystem at 48 or 60 volts.
I will not say this is the solution. This applies only to expensive sports cars. The price of F1 hybrid technology is still high. But from 2021 onwards, every new product in the development cycle will be electrified. Then in 2022 -2025, some will be fully electrified. But I haven’t seen all the products yet. Like full-size SUV.
We have a new engine with variable compression time in the qx50, and the power train will not stop tomorrow morning. But the project Black s dual hybrid system is compatible with any power system. Ideally, we should do this with 2.0 vct, because this is the latest Infiniti engine. But that is a front wheel drive package, and Q60 is on the rear wheel drive platform. We want to limit these changes, because this is already a huge challenge. It has a stock transfer.
Once your technology is successful, will Infiniti compete with Germany’s high-performance cars?
Yes! I mean, I’m not sure when we will do it, but we are happy to, obviously. We spend a lot of time, energy and money. I just can’t confirm production at this point because we have to verify everything and come up with a business plan. It’s not easy. If it gets green, we will be happy to do that.
A tough business case, yes. However, no F1 technology can produce more expensive Q60 than other F1 vehicles (AMG). This is what Mr. Bancon can assure the heads of Hongkong.


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