New MacBook Air, Samsung smart phone, four rear cameras, and other technology rumors.


It’s interesting to speculate about technology rumors, especially when they apply to products we use every day. But every rumor is different. Some may be true, while others are desperate clicks. On this page, we plan to record the most popular rumors in the world of technology and analyze them according to their specific circumstances, so that you don’t have much hope – and when they don’t succeed, we feel sad.
Samsung’s Galaxy A9 smart phone will have four cameras on the back.
Evan Blass, the famous smartphone leaker, showed pictures of the upcoming Samsung A9 smartphone, which reportedly has four cameras on its back. In addition to standard cameras on Samsung Galaxy S9 and other mobile phones, the camera may also include a wide-angle camera and a long-focus camera. The fourth camera is a depth camera, which does not produce the image you can see, but provides additional image data, such as the depth used to forge blur and the contrast used for extra impulse.
Blass: It’s reasonable that Samsung will increase the number of cameras in the current smartphone environment. LG V40 is already very close, and there are three cameras behind.
Apple’s wireless air-powered charger will be launched in September, and the iPhone X has almost no charging port
At the iPhone conference in 2017, Apple announced its own wireless power charger. Now, we have just passed the 2018 event, and it is still not on the store shelf. In fact, apple did not even mention this device during the presentation. A report by Bloomberg said September’s work was still in progress, so time was running out. ..
Gutcheck: Apple missed its shipment estimate on the hompod last year, and it is far behind its initial estimate on the wireless charger, which will power the iPhone and Apple watches. If it is to be listed soon, Apple will definitely talk about it in its activities. We will not be surprised to see it in 2019.
IPhone will discard lightning ports and disappear completely.
In 2011, Apple introduced a lightning connector to replace the typical 30-pin connector used in the iPad, iPod and iPhone. Now, according to a report from DiiTimes, another shift will come in 2019, this time to ICBC. Some people speculate that we will see this change in the new iPhone, but no result.

The source of the rumor is anonymous and looks very unreliable. Unlikely, but not entirely impossible. The 30 pin connector ran for about 11 years, almost two times the time of lightning. The adoption of USB-C has also been unstable throughout the industry. Recently, however, the EU has been discussing the possibility of using regulations to ensure that all mobile phones use the same connectors. It is likely that it is Bank of America.
Samsung plans to launch a collapsible smart phone in early 2019.
UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed that the foldable smartphone will be launched at the Samsung Developers Conference in November. Samsung could launch a foldable phone as early as early as 2019, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. When extended, the device will have a 7-inch screen, which makes it about the size of a small tablet computer.
Gutcheck: It looks like Samsung is trying to steal some information from the upcoming announcements of the iPhone X and Google Pixel 3 in late 2018. Apple is also reportedly considering introducing a foldable iPhone that will compete with Samsung’s redefined flip phone.
Samsung’s Galaxy S10 mobile phone will have three sizes and display fingerprint reader on the display screen.
If you want a typical, non-folding Samsung phone, a report found by business insiders says the upcoming Galaxy S10 will have three versions, 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches of monitors. The report also claims that the larger model will have an ultrasonic fingerprint reader integrated into the display.
Gutcheck: It’s too early to speculate about Galaxy s10, because it won’t appear until next year, but given the trajectory of the galaxy, these rumors seem reasonable. Since Apple is unlikely to release a phone with this feature, it makes sense to use the display fingerprint reader as a distinction from the iPhone.


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