Ford will build 350 extra GT super cars and extend its output for 2 years.


Ford Motor Co. is extending the production of the GT super sports car by two years and will add 350 more cars than originally planned.
Ford had planned to build 1000 GTS before 2020. At present, the company says it will produce 1350 cars by 2022.
“Our response to the Ford GT was unprecedented, with initial demand exceeding more than six-tenths of supply,” Ford Performance Director Hermann Salenbauch said in a statement Thursday. “By extending Ford GT’s production life for a while, we can provide ownership experience for more customers while maintaining the exclusiveness of the super-ideal supercar.”
Ford said it will restart the order bank for General Electric in November 8th. The owners of the first two years have already chosen and designated 2019 cars for the first two super sports car candidates.
The automaker received more than 6500 applications when it opened its order bank for the first time.
These vehicles were made by Martti Mo, a Canadian supplier, Mar Cam (Ontario). The supplier had trouble early, reaching only 55% of its 2017 target. Earlier this month, Ford recalled 194 007-18 GT on the grounds of hydraulic leakage.

The car has some high-profile owners, including Houston astrologer pitchers Justin Verlander and Jereno. Professional wrestler John Cena also got one, but he had legal problems trying to overturn the car, but later settled the lawsuit with the company.
Whether it’s pencil, peanut or a $500 thousand super car, the law of supply and demand is applicable. Whether this extra production meets the real demand, time will tell us. I guess the market will weaken a bit when Ford’s holding period begins to expire and some people try to make a decent profit by selling. It should keep its value well and appreciate it in a long and respectable way. No damage will be rare every year and looking for it.
Whether it’s a cool car, it’s a great addition to the garage for any car collector.


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