Porsche Taycan: is what we know. Porsche’s first all electric vehicle will be on sale next year. This is what we are looking forward to.


This report was updated in August 21st. It is reported that Porsche is accepting orders from Taycan. With the deepening of our study, it will continue to update.
Two years ago, Porsche (Porsche) first launched the concept of a fully electric Mission E car, which shocked the world. After that, Porsche promised to produce Taycan in 2020. The spy photos seen in this article provide a preliminary demonstration of the Teken prototype test in front of the public, near Porsche’s development center, in Weissha, Germany.
That’s all we know about this incredibly exciting car.
At first, we thought Porsche would call it Mission E, but today, Porsche announced it would not. On the 70th anniversary of Porsche’s founding, Porsche announced that its first electric car would be named Taycan. This is a word in the Eurasian language family, which is roughly translated into “lively pony”.
“Our new electric sports car is strong and reliable; Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom announced the name in a statement.
You can deposit a sum of money now.
On Porsche’s website, there is a form for those who want to sign up for Taycan. After filling out the form, Porsche dealers contact people who are interested, and they can pay a deposit on the upcoming electric cars. There is no specific deposit amount on Porsche’s website, so we register to view it.
Yes, Porsche is already selling a car, Panamera, but it’s not just modifying that car to produce Taycan. Taycan, by contrast, will use its own custom platform, called J1, with lithium-ion batteries that form the backplane between its two axles, just like Tesla does.

Porsche not only produces 911, but so does Tai. Car magazine interviewed Porsche owner Oliver Blume, who confirmed that the car was likely to follow Porsche’s original hierarchy – meaning you could expect a Taycan S or a Taycan GTS. However, it may not be Taycan turbocharging because it does not actually have turbocharging.
Automobile Magazine won the rights to test drive Taycan’s early prototype and reported that it would initially be equipped with three engines with a power output of 402 hp, 536 HP and 670 hp. Like the Tesla S, Taycan will install electric motors on the front and rear axles for four-wheel drive, but Porsche may eventually launch an entry-level rear-drive model.
The Mission E concept provides a 605-horsepower all-electric drive system with two permanent magnet synchronous motors on each shaft. This is the engine of the three 919lmp1 hybrid car that can be used to recover heat from the brakes. With this setup, Porsche promises to reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, 124 mph below 12 mph and less than 8 mph at Nurburgring Nordschleife.
Car and Driver recently developed the Mission E Cross Turismo concept car, and it is reported that Taycan production will provide a variety of batteries, one is 80 kWh, the other is 95 kWh. If you want the biggest horsepower, you need the largest battery.
Stefan Weckbach, Porsche’s director of electric vehicle development, also told Car and the driver that Taycan would be equipped with a battery cooling system. Porsche wants Taycan to provide consistent, repeatable performance, and keeping the battery at an ideal operating temperature is essential.
Blume tells Car that the price of Taycan is almost the same as that of Panamera. In the United States, Panamera starts at $85,000, and the most expensive Panamera Turbo S-E-Hybrid sports car, Turismo, climbs to nearly $190,000. Blume also said that Taycan should sit between Panamera and 911, within Porsche.
For reference, 911 Carrera starts at $91,100 in the U.S., while Taycan’s most obvious competitor, Tesla Model S 75D, starts at $74,500.


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