In 2019, Chevrolet Kamaro showed new colors and new SS nose at SEMA.


Chevrolet announced that it will display a moderately customised 2019 Chevrolet Camaro on this year’s SEMA Show. This is very interesting for several reasons. The first is color, which is properly referred to as “shock”. It’s a tennis yellow color that actually resembles the concept car of the Chevrolet Camaro Turbo AutoX a few years ago. It will be on the market at 2019 Camaro early next year.
Another interesting thing about the Camaro is that it can be considered an acknowledgement by Chevrolet that they don’t exactly match the look of the 2019 Camaro SS. You see, this luminescent exhibition car is a SS, but the anterior fascia is obviously different from the production mode. Producing SS has a huge black center that blends with the rest of the grille, featuring a bow tie and badge square in the middle. Autoblog staff split the new face into two factions – some say it looks like a 2018 Camaro hit a big animal and poked a big hole in the middle.
But the display car moved the badge to the upper grille, like the 2018 model, and painted the center pole the same color as the rest of the body. The result is a seemingly conservative four-cylinder V6 Camaros, a major improvement for SS for critics in 2019. It blends in with the rest of the broadly unchanged body and looks smoother than the flat body of 2019.
The question is, will Chevrolet open the much less controversial fascia to the public? The company says it’s just a conceptual design, but Chevrolet may measure public reaction to decide whether to launch it. If there are stylists, executives or other GM employees reading (and caring about our opinions), we will vote for the image of the show.
Ford will exhibit a series of improved Mustang carriages at the 2018 SEMA Motor Show, with a total of five. All of them were messed up by the tuner, so each of them had different rotations. There will be Mustang from Bojix Design, CGS Motorsports, Galpin Auto Sports, CJ Pony accessories and TJIN Edition. All versions except the TJIN version used Mustang GT, and the 5.0-liter V8 engine was the starting point – the TJIN version decided to modify the 2.3-liter EcoBoost model.

You’ll see all these Mustangs patterns: they all leverage Ford’s component performance catalog to improve performance. This car gets Ford performance impact, spring and rocking bar help handle. Besides, the extra power and noise come from the 2 stage supercharger, Bojix design exhaust and Borla muffler. What stopped it was the upgraded bolt and calipers. Many modifications have also been made to the appearance. There is a huge APR wing and front splitter, together with some rocker panels and a special paint job.
CG focuses on power and appearance design. It gets Ford performance /Roush supercharger and Ford performance catback exhaust with carbon fiber tip. A large BRB brake was installed, and a customized paint job was completed by the flying iron design.
More Ford performance part of this Mustang game. This time we get the supercharger, the cat back exhaust, the short distance shift, the drive shaft and the half shaft, all the power characteristics. But the coolest thing here is the Shelby GT350R Caliper – we know these are great brakes. A complete wide body kit with aero bits in it all completed a sinister black and purple appearance.
Because the tuner decided to modify it to accommodate drift, the Mustang was tidier than other Mustangs. It starts with lowering the spring and upgrading the rear suspension of the UPR. Add Ford performance supercharger, cat back exhaust and short distance gear to make it faster on the road. In addition, it has acquired a tin based hydraulic handbrake to meet all your desire to drift. Vagabond got a complete roll cage and Recaro seat. And a wide body kit with splitter, spoiler and gold HRE wheels give it the full drift automotive appearance required.


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