2018 Tesla Model 3 long range: 310 mile electric vehicle review


Tesla Model S is a moment. Model 3 is a product.
These two words perfectly sum up the hours we spent last month on the Tesla Model 3, which Atlanta reader Jeff Southern lent us.
We walked more than 100 miles on all kinds of freeways, back roads and parked roads in the suburbs, from full-speed acceleration to cruise control, from six-lane interstates to winding mountain trails.
In some ways, Tesla Model 3 is better than its avant-garde newspaper. The breathless comment on its astonishing power scares our veteran auto critics of the effects of blindness, exaggeration or naivety.
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Our vigour reassured us. Model 3 is an excellent electric vehicle that should delight the owners. If the company can solve the seemingly major quality problems, that is.
But times have changed, and Model 3 has not seen a vacuum like Tesla Model S in July 2012.
The car was a revelation, a lightning in the sky. This is a car that no one ever thought of and no artificial. It’s a rolling, driving display of the future that the global automotive industry generally sees as unrealistic or impossible.
It soon partnered with the first truly high-speed charging network to enable electric vehicles to drive from the east coast to the west coast in the United States and then to the rest of the world. The shock wave of 2012 is still echoing.
2017 Tesla Model 3 and Model S in Tesla assembly plant parking lot, Fremont, California, November 2017.
6 years later, Tesla Model 3 released fewer models.

This is not the first 200 mile electric car less than 40 thousand dollars; it’s Chevrolet Boulter EV. The hyped up $35 thousand Model 3S seems to take another year.
Model 3 also has no innovation in charging. Given regulators’concerns about Tesla’s autopilot, its autopilot functions are almost the same as those offered by several other manufacturers.
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Despite Tesla’s goal of mass production, the road proved more painful and troublesome than she had imagined in her nightmare.
Some Model 3 models delivered in the first six months or more have the worst quality of any electric car offered by a serious carmaker. This is not the first time anyone wants to write this at home.
These problems include the presence of “phantom touch” on the touch screen, which can be turned on and off at will; unexplained loss of parking battery capacity; squeaking, moaning, clucking; and inconsistent fit and alignment with the panel.
To be fair, some owners reported that their 3S cars were delivered perfectly. But too many people have not done so – and now the threshold is higher than in 2012.
Tesla Model 3 showcases a car that will be offered in three years by as many as 12 manufacturers: a mid-priced 200 to 300-mile electric car with high-speed DC fast charging and advanced electronic user interface.
Tesla engineers say that Model 3 needs a lot of rework after production.
So how does this work in real life? Generally speaking, it’s not bad.
Learn how to use basic functions that require about 5 minutes of guidance from the south. To unlock a Model 3, you need to unlock the car by clicking on a flat card (much like a hotel key card) in the middle of the left column, and then click on the console to start it.
To adjust something like a door mirror, you have to click on the car icon at the bottom of the central touch screen to remind the car to adjust, which is actually done by a pair of rollers on the steering wheel.


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