2010 Ford Mustang 427R


Seller description: 2010 Ford Mustang Roush 427R convertible
When an icon was rejuvenated, ford struck the ball out of the park and then hit the mustang massage master, and jack rosh just so lifted the ball and even hit it further. When jack and his gang teamed up with ford and created the latest Roush Editions, the bar was elevated to a place where there were few leg-hopping. Not only is the 427R a supercharged car, its supercharged v-8 engine has 425+ horsepower, enough to beautify any knuckle even on legal roads. The iconic Roush 427R logo was created by the famous ford motor car master, these deep modern muscle cars made their debut. Despite its obvious DNA, the last of the last 427Rs from 2010 is the ultimate incarnation of the breed. 427R doesn’t want to be called any old mustang: physically there’s no place to refer to ford’s iconic buggy. Again, we can confirm without reservation that this car must be the adrenal and broad smiley face of its predecessor. In particular, the unit takes the most desirable form, including the top, the manual 5-speed, the ideal luxury item we all take for granted, and the high-impact Grabber Blue, which is sure to set new owners apart. Plain cookie cutters are on the road today. Mating all these ponies, bells and whistles, and making sure the car has a style with more visual horsepower and exhaust notes than any of the other 2010 models will inspire your treble core, which you’ll need to ride and ride and ride.
Features when it comes to adjusting Mustang, no one like Jack
The Included is the original window sticker and the book.
ROUSHcharged 4.6L powertrain system
Additional components include the ROUSHcharger, intake manifold, midcoolers and radiators, intake system and ROUSH calibration ECM) production of 435hp / 400lb-ft
Front panel with drive light
Front jaw disturbing plate
Side rocker arm separator
After the veil
Rear Decklid spoiler

Fender badge and rear Decklid logo
Front windshield banner
427 – R
Striped kit pedal with dead PedalCNC square billet aluminum
Embroidered floor mat
Center console badge/button
Square aluminum alloy conversion knob and fixture
The front stanchion of the ROUSH suspension system, rear shock, front and back springs, front and back swing bars, and pinion buffers
The ROUSH engine structure plaque is manufactured by the engine and chassis manufacturers
Sign the 427R serialized engine bay plaque
ROUSH white face measurement
Instrument ROUSH exhaust
ROUSH convertible light bar shape
Movement of leather
Seat ventilation with boost gauge
Rod ROUSH 20-inch cast iron hub with p235/50r20 tire upgrade
ROUSH luggage mounting tool kit
The ROUSH luminescent threshold plate requires environmental lighting options
Performance front and rear brake kit with red painted callipers
Price: $40,950


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