Buy one now: the next five classics


For those of us who pursue Shelby Mustang’s dreams, adding a project car to your barn can sometimes leave you feeling desperate. Fire-sale dollars at major auctions seem to be the only way to get into classic car ownership, which is to drill for oil in your backyard or inherit a fortune from the uncles of a savvy day trader you don’t know.

If you can appreciate more the driving experience offered by an older car than its investment potential, the potential project vehicles will increase rapidly. Here’s a look at some of the future classics found in auto dealers that bring a lot of smiles per dollar, and they may even appreciate modestly as supplies continue to dwindle.

1979 datsun 280zx

Every generation of the z is still popular with fans, though the earliest models are always the most popular – and somewhat expensive to restore. The 1979 datsun 280zx is sold on gateway classic cars in Illinois with a timing pulse of just 11,878 miles and an ideal 5-speed manual transmission of just 11,878 miles. If the 240z mileage is found to be similar, the price is much higher, and this emerging example may provide years of relatively unworried driving. While it’s not as valuable as the original nissan S30, the later 280zx offers a more refined interior by sacrificing some of the shoddily built by its predecessor.

1977 chevy suburban

Few trucks can remember a name better than the Chevrolet classic suburban car. Given the range of suvs and crossovers currently roaming the highways, chevy clearly hit home runs, and he marketed a large, practical car as a means of transporting people and their property to any terrain. While the 1977 model, which came to market in Michigan’s classic car deal, won’t have the visceral thrill of pushing an old alfa romeo, suburbia has achieved a milestone in the auto industry. Can you drive an icon for less than a thousand dollars? This is possible.

Cadillac deville, 1987

Forgive me: no, it’s not a horned eagle. Yes, your grandparents might have one. However, no rule says the project car must be a narrow 2-seat without c/c, a leaking top and a high-tension four-cylinder under the hood. The 1987 Cadillac diville sale at the Arizona street classic car dealership is a true survivor, with glossy paint, comfortable interiors, spooky c/c and filthy cheap operating costs. While a similar era of e-class mercedes-benz is a reliable alternative, parts may be more useful than this front-wheel-driven c-body.

Audi sedan was specially built in 1987

Speaking of the 1980’s rally icon, even fans of muscle cars are likely to admire audi’s coupe. Unfortunately, these things are still hard to find and expensive. Front wheel drive, if you can live in the 1987 special sale building by audi coupe cruiser professional car in Atlanta, LLC offers classic the dose of exclusive coupe appearance and health due to the title “special construction”, it is one of America’s 850 example, equipped with a cool digital Dash, the wheel of color matching and higher 5 cylinder engine. An active hobbyist network makes this more interesting to own.

1993 pontiac firebird

While more modern than any other car on this list, the 1993 Pontiac firebirbird adopted the ideal six-speed manual transmission, with just 10,353 miles, making it a modern survivor without the cost of a bubble car. Think about it: if it’s a raw GTO with the same mileage and inventory conditions, then the price is going to be gold star. It’s $19,970, the most expensive car on our list, but it may look cheap for the next decade. Found on Bill Kay Corvettes and the Illinois classic listed by the automaker.

While it’s a bit subjective to nominate any of these cars as future classics, they’ll check a lot of boxes for anyone looking for project cars on a realistic budget. Who do you vote for?


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