According to the report, Tesla hired Volvo’s former designer for XC40


You can say I am crazy, but I will replace this Model X any day of the week. It’s not just those backdoors that never need to be maintained.

Volvo’s styling has been highly praised since its inception into the latest generation, and it seems that someone who helps capture the magic might give it to Tesla in the future.

AutoExpress reported that Tesla had hired Ian Kettle, a former Volvo designer, to take charge of the XC40 SUV. Kate, a British citizen, was a student at the Royal College of Art and the University of Coventry. AutoExpress said his term of office in Volvo ended in February this year.

In the past few weeks, Kate has been hired as a senior designer for Tesla, people familiar with the matter told AutoExpress. It’s not clear what Kate is doing, but in the process, she will report to Franz von Holzhausen, the former Mazda designer and current Tesla design director. Tesla refused to confirm anything to the roadshow and AutoExpress.

Although it is not clear what Kate is doing, he still has a lot of things to do. There are rumors that Model S will undergo internal and external aesthetic updates, and Model X may not be too far behind. In addition, Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck has another problem, that is, the new sports car needs to be adjusted before production.

Kate is a good choice for Tesla. XC40 is one of the most popular small entry level luxury SUV in roadshows. It may not return good fuel economy in our tests, but we like its design, its standard complementary function and drive power. The XC40 helped raise the threshold for Tesla’s segmentation, so it would be interesting to see where Kettle was taking Tesla.

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Solid SUV will share parts with the next generation of Escape.

Ford’s U.S. SUV and pick-only models will bring the market a new, rugged, compact, multi-purpose vehicle. It is now known as the Mustang, and a new report shows it will be based on platforms that support a new generation of priorities.

Basically, this architecture is what MQB means to the masses — an intelligent, modular platform that will be used in blue ovals for a variety of models. Hau tai-tang, the company’s executive vice president for product development and procurement, explained at an investor conference in New York that the car would also support the next generation Escape SUV and the aforementioned baby Bronco. Baby Bronco will feature “cross-country positioning and image” with a slightly higher price.

Baby Mustang has seen testing and rendering:

The Ford Carnival test mule may be a disguised “wild horse”.

Ford little Mustang finished rendering, ready to ride jeep

It is expected to go on sale next year or 2020, inspired by Ford’s mid-1960s classic Mustang SUV. It’s worth noting that this is not a revival plan for the Bronco, which is planned for 2020, but a smaller model that shares most of the technology with the next generation of Mustangs, and probably power system options. It includes four cylinder turbocharged engine.

Another crossover style wagon and hatchback will be placed under the Mustang. The car, known as Focus Active, has a cross-border design of plastic body details and elevated suspensions, similar to the Subaru model. It will share some components from suspension and body construction with baby Mustang.

Focus Active will be the only version of the fourth generation of Focus launched by the US. Europe also has traditional hatchbacks and wagons, as well as luxury Vignale and sporty ST-Line variants. ST and hybrid flagship RS models will be launched in the future, but it is not clear at the moment.


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