2019 McLaren 600LT: deep technical diving.


In the 10 examples of MSO X, we know that in Mcclaren’s “entry” movement series, there are more things that can be provided more quickly than in 570s.

In just three years, more than 4500 series of sportswear has been sold, which gives McLaren confidence to expand the “long tail” family from 70s 70s to the 70s. Now, McLaren will launch the 600LT, which will debut on this weekend’s Gould Wood speed Festival.

This is a place where you can decorate things where you want and do not decorate things where we want. In this installation, 592 horsepower will make the sport series faster than the long tail before. This is impressive, but we must not forget that 600LT also has this point:

Let’s take a quick look at McLaren’s statement on this beautiful flamethrower:

“220 pounds. Saved and reduced the dry weight of 600 pounds to 2749 pounds.

But you may ask, how do you do this?

The P1 seat replaced the electric leather: 46.29 pounds.

The optional Senna seat saved 7.93 pounds.

Forging wheels with titanium bolts and Trofeo tyres can save 37.47 pounds.

A / C delete: 27.77 pounds.

Door pocket + glove box deleting: 2.2 pounds.

The 720S suspension (wishbones, upright, ARBs) saved 22.48 pounds.

The 720 – degree brake shedding 8.81 pounds.

Short top exit stainless steel exhaust? 27.77 pounds!

The thin wire bundles saved 7.27 pounds. Talk about being anus.

Lack of carpet: minus 12.34 pounds.

Stereoscopic deleting: 7.27 pounds. Music can be heavy.

Light glass is actually 4.62 pounds light.

Finally, the carbon bodywork panel (including optional roof) replaced the aluminum body panel: 15.87 pounds.

Unfortunately, the fixed rear wing and its tower and brackets increased by 7.49 pounds. So you need those Senna seats in the end. The dumb lacquer layer in the middle of the wing is designed to protect carbon fibers from heat, but Mcclaren says, although it looks like, the wings are not blown away. This is because hot air can only flow so low near the highest speed of 600 miles / hour, close to 204 miles / hour.

McLaren chose stainless steel as an exhaust material, not titanium or Inconel, mainly because the Inconel pipe is too short, which means that the Inconel is actually heavier and the titanium is expensive, and it is painful when it is necessary to weld the active flap in the pipe.

“More than the lighter 675LT chassis.”

But you may ask, how do you do this?

Giving cars more power and noise, and cutting weight is only the starting point. The next is the chassis adjustment, which includes two times the hard engine installation, 20% springs and shock absorbers, the hollow roll proof rod is increased by 40% in the front and 10% in the rear. The steering system uses different torsion bars, resulting in a faster rate. 600LT also takes a lower 8 millimeter, on a wider orbit. Add a dedicated Pirellis to the picture and then aim at the nearest track.

When you need it, the driving mode is also recalibrated to give you the greatest attack, and the exhaust pipe is behind your head, cutting off the current industry standard persistent organic pollutants and the explosion of thanks magic ignition. If you must know, despite such a layout, rainwater can not enter the engine. McLaren is a British company.

“The weight of 600 pounds is more than its weight.”

What is it based on, you might ask?

First, the power to weight ratio. But 600 pounds also produces 220 pounds. Under the pressure of 155 miles per hour, their weight is the same. The giant rear diffuser is the main contributor, but the optimization of all carbon bodies is also helpful. In order to increase the cooling effect of 6% in 570 years, the side inlet is larger, and the new rear blade keeps airflow close to the fuselage. No carbon is covered with black mud to get hot air from cabin 3.8 as much as possible.

Nearly 23% of the components are new, and most of the visible components are carbon fibers, with only the rear fenders and the aluminum remaining on the bonnet.

In theory, 600LT seems to be as fast as a super series, and there’s no doubt that Mcclaren seems to agree that from the first day it’s compared with a large fish:

Crazy turning speed, flexible handling, pyrotechnics. This is what we can expect from McLaren 600LT, the entry-level model in front of 10.6 inches long, 18.5 inches long in the back.


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