The cheapest repair used car


Buying used cars or trucks is fraught with danger, especially when it comes to mechanical conditions. When considering the use of any used car, prudent is to give it a proper inspection, trustworthy mechanic of workshop and old car will almost certainly need regular maintenance, and directly put in my pocket.
But many drivers with multiple models can prove that some are more expensive or cheaper than others. For this purpose, the statistics personnel is auto service web site, just created their annual vehicle health index, which highlights the previous model cars and trucks, as the “check engine” lights on the instrument, the lowest cost to repair panel lights. Results were based on the report of solstice on October 1, 2016, September 30, 2017. The year from 1996 to 2017 will be 4.2 million cars and trucks.
In modern auto brands, hyundai motor maintenance costs an average of $306, followed by Mazda ($310), kia ($317), Chrysler ($336), the dodgers ($341), infiniti ($352), the jeep ($352) and Chevrolet ($352)
When determines the minimum maintenance cost, check the engine lights of the 2012 Mazda5 compact truck for an average of $109 per visit. It should be noted, however, that engine maintenance inspections are usually associated with the vehicle’s exhaust system, and the most common symptom is a loose gas cap. Have a high proportion of stationary gas cap average vehicle maintenance costs are generally lower, the reason is very simple, because the problem solution is very cheap, either through tight gas cap (free), or replacement of the defective cylinder is 10 yuan.

On the other hand, in the most expensive general inspection of engine maintenance, the car’s catalytic purifier is estimated to be $1,190 or more. But CarMD pointed out that the most expensive (although rare) inspection engine maintenance including replacement of cylinder head component and an average of $2493 spark plugs, as well as the overall budget engine change, for $7124.
Our feature is the cheapest 10 repair used cars, with an average attention to maintenance costs and the most common reports, which accompany it to check the problem slides associated with engine lights. Of course, the cost of maintenance can be higher or lower than where you live, given the wages and other factors of the local car maintenance technician. People living in the northeastern United States pay the most for engine repairs, according to, while drivers in the Midwest enjoy the cheapest average maintenance. The cost can vary according to the age of the vehicle and the degree of maintenance. Here you can find the 2017 vehicle health index and annual score as well as the top 100 vehicle rankings.
In addition, allows owners to access vehicle health reports identified by vehicle identification Numbers or years, brands, models, and search miles. The report includes an upcoming maintenance plan, the percentage and probability of the next most likely need to be repaired, and is associated with specific brands and models of safety-related recalls and/or service announcements.


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