Hybrid cars will save you money, even if gas is cheaper


One or more motor increase gasoline engines to improve fuel economy and/or the performance of hybrid electric vehicle is used for all electric vehicle door type vehicles, and recently the initial operation of plug-in vehicles only can charge the battery by battery power.

Hybrid cars sold more than 360,000 vehicles in 2017, up slightly from the high level of nearly 500,000 vehicles delivered in 2013, according to HybridCars.com. The cost of gasoline was then the national average, according to AAA. It’s $3.62 a gallon, up from $2.49 today.

Although buying and with hybrid or great changes have taken place in financial dynamic crossover SUV, gasoline has become relatively cheap and relatively affordable, but some of the gas/electric vehicle will still be with the passage of time to repay the Boss’s wallet.
Market research firm located in Michigan bingham farms from Vincentric, statisticians have determined that the cost of gasoline/electric hybrid cars will lower than gasoline hybrid cars only in five years, including fuel and other costs, such as depreciation and finance/insurance costs and other factors. Hybrid cars, however, typically pay $3,000 or more to cover the additional cost of electric motors/generators, battery packs and other technology upgrades. The only hybrid on the market that matches its traditional power alternatives is the Lincoln MKZ, which starts at $37,195 in 2018.

“Our research shows that hybrid cars can save up to five years of buyer money and increase substantially compared to total gas,” said David wurst, President of Vincentric. Understanding the value of hybrid cars takes into account all costs, not just fuel savings. Only then can the buyer decide whether to pay the hybrid premium. ”

In a subsequent slide, we will show the first 10 fuel-efficient hybrid and crossover vehicles identified by Vincentric.
Leading the way IS the lexus CT 200h compact hatchback, which IS expected to save owners $7,750 in operating costs over five years compared with its closest rival, the lexus IS 200t. While this includes actual fuel savings of $4,739, it should be noted that CT start-up costs are $6,575 lower than basic information systems.

Ok, how about apples and apples? Consider the ford Fusion hybrid, which costs $1,273 more for its titanium alloy components than its natural gas counterpart, but costs $6,082 over five years, of which $3,436 comes from a savings pump.

However, keep in mind that the return on ownership costs, if any, often varies according to the cost of the vehicle and other factors, depending on the internal level of the hybrid. The platinum version of the ford Fusion, for example, saved $5,632 in operating costs over five years, compared with $2,812 for the SE and $2,003 for the base model. According to Vincentic, the Honda accord hybrid only saves money at the Touring level – the other models will lose up to $909 over five years.

The biggest loser for HEV and hybrid cars this year was the infiniti Q50 hybrid, which saved $1,209 in fuel costs but cost $8,777.
Is not included in the Vincentric survey, including plug-in hybrid and the use of the motor as the most expensive luxury of high-tech turbochargers and movement model, to improve the performance of specific models rather than the pressure of fuel economy

Used, for example, Acura NSX Hybrid gas/electric power system on the road down a total of 573 horsepower, and get the EPA level (at least for thrust supercar, such as 21/22 miles)/highway as much as $156000 from the start, it can usually save fuel costs, even over a long period of time – makes no sense.

Fine print: on the basis of 2 017 model of the total cost of ownership model for five years, from Vincentric hypothesis travel 15000 miles, including depreciation, financing, insurance, maintenance, repair, fees and taxes and fuel consumption. Gas prices averaged more than five months to offset a sudden increase in the price of a gallon of gas.


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