Lincoln navigation first drive in 2018.


The Lincoln navigation was first launched in 2018.

Lincoln faced fierce battles with other high-end luxury brands. Much of the struggle is that its vehicles cannot be distinguished from the ford products on which they are based. Therefore, Lincoln lacked price and ideal quality. As the newest European sedan, now on a new voyage in 2018, Lincoln has taken some important steps to become a legitimate luxury brand, worthy of consideration against mature heavyweights.

What is sharing and what is unique?

2018 Lincoln Navigator Release Date –

Most of the foundations of the former Lincoln voyages were Shared with the ford expedition. The two share a chassis, an engine and a gearbox, and some features. In terms of size, the new model’s wheelbase, total length and width increased by about 2 inches, while the overall height decreased by about 2 inches. Selecting a larger navigator L increases the wheelbase by 9 inches and the total length by nearly 1 foot.

All the 2018 Lincoln navigator models are equipped with a 3.5-litre, twin-turbocharged V6 engine that generates 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. The automatic transmission provides power to the rear wheel or all four wheels according to the gear.

Premiere, which costs $73,000, includes a 20-inch wheel. LED external lighting; Free lift; Three zone automatic climate control; 10 power adjustable, front heating seat; Strong folding, heat the second chair; Virtual dashboard; A wi-fi hotspot that synchronizes 3 infotainment systems and navigation; Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration; There is also a 14 speaker Revel sound system.

The enhanced select folder will set your other $4,000 and

A huge upgrade.

If there’s one thing you can make or break a luxury car, it’s the interior. In the case of Lincoln navigator, it can be achieved due to its beautiful design, excellent materials and intelligent characteristics. You will be immediately struck by the spacious cabin, especially the shoulder and hip rooms, which have a very wide central console. The dashboard is simple, clean, and has a flat-panel touch screen that floats on top. Through a standard electric adjustable pedal, you can more close to the dashboard, the direction of the driver can easily reach the position, and because of its height during the installation, so you can easily read and dispersed at least. Many systems are intuitive to operate, like touch screens.

A few inches below the screen is the only transmission selection button. They form some habits, but they make room for them. The central console bin has two USB ports and optional wireless charging pads. Next to it is another hidden cup holder and another narrow slot for personal equipment. Below the armrest is a spongy trash can, and a large tray under the console handles the average size of the purse.

The modern theme of navigators is further enhanced by virtual dashboards with traditional instruments, but it provides important information in a more efficient way. Unlike most competing systems, a flat view displays a lot of information on the windshield, and you can still see it if you wear polarized sunglasses.

It looks expensive.

We spent considerable time in almost complete black label decorations and destination theme interiors, deep red wood leather and exotic wooden decorations. The construction of the interior material and interior marks a major step forward for Lincoln, fulfilling or exceeding the expectations of luxury suvs. Also, the optional 30-aisle front seat with heating, ventilation and massage is the best price. We don’t feel the effects of fatigue during a long day of driving.

By contrast, the second row of seats can only slide and tilt, but they are still very comfortable due to the abundance of legroom and head space. The buttons on the door loosen and fold the seat so that passengers can slide forward into the third row. This requires more effort than expected to push the seat forward, which could be a problem for smaller passengers. The rear seat is wide enough for adults to move without swinging and more relaxed in the Navigator L model. The third row seats can accommodate ordinary adults and have backrest seat backrest.

Behind the back seat is a wide, shallow cargo hold that can hold only 19.3 cubic feet. If you need all the seats and more cargo capacity, navigator L increases the space to 34.3 cubic feet. A clever shelf can be extended from the floor of the cargo area to create a convenient split platform. The upper glass portion of the electric rear baffle can be opened independently to reach the top of the shelf faster, but for shorter people, higher elevations can be a problem. Similarly, the load layer is very high, and the discard mechanism in other suvs is not available. If you park on a slope, the small lips on the floor of the cargo can help prevent the goods from rolling over.

Press the button with the back and middle row seat and floor to increase the capacity to 57.5 cubic feet behind the second row with a maximum displacement of 103 cubic feet. The navigator further increased these capabilities to 73.3 cubic feet and 120.2 cubic feet, respectively. These figures are more generous than the mercedes-benz GLS and Cadillac Escalade and are comparable to the Escalade ESV Numbers. Unfortunately, the second row of the central console extends to the folding seat and prohibits loading some very heavy items. If you think additional flexibility is required, you can specify a navigator without using the console or workbench.

Behind the wheel

The driver was completely unaware of the size and quality of the navigator, but it was easier than expected. Dual turbocharged V6 is more than sufficient. From stopping, it accelerates and powers through slower traffic without pressure. Even if you step on the pedal, the engine won’t make a sound and you won’t feel much pressure. The 10-speed automatic transmission is fast and stable when shifting gears, adding a relaxed power sense. Manual gear shifting can be achieved by installing blades on wheels, especially for long downhill slopes.

Braking is also dependent on stopping a vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds. In normal driving, the light pedal is easy to adjust, so that the navigator stops very smoothly. In the case of sudden braking, you will definitely feel the weight in front of your nose, but it is not panic and can still be controlled. After a lot of repeated use, we also noticed the strong brake smell, but did not prevent the deterioration of the power.

To our surprise, our prescribed driving routes include twisting roads on challenging mountain passes, highlighting the navigator’s ability to handle it. Driving high isn’t driving power, but big suvs are amazing. Adaptive suspension is included in all components except the basic decoration, but we don’t think there is a difference between the drive mode.

Our expectations of mobility have also been gratified. We wanted the navigator to be a little bit difficult in a narrow range, but an amazing little turn reduced the back-and-forth of multi-point turns. At low speeds, the steering force is moderate and is built on the highway. The wheels are not going to be as fast as we want, so the driver has to do it by hand, but for a large body like this, it’s very typical. Visibility was also fairly steady, with only the roof behind the driver’s back behind his shoulders. Wide rearview and panoramic cameras can eliminate any speculation.

For drivers and passengers, the cabin is very quiet. On highways or rough asphalt, road and wind noise drops to near standstill. We don’t usually have hollow sounds associated with this huge inner space.

Monitor of the class

The new navigation is impressive and, most importantly, has excellent interior details and confident handling. Meanwhile, other small contacts continue to win us over. The outer shape is explicit because it highlights its actual size rather than trying to hide it. Hidden power stations make it easy to climb, and when you see them, there are even some exciting factors.

Despite being quiet indoors, the advanced Revel Ultima sound system performs well in the strong sounds of the car’s cab and remains sharp at high volume. As for the audio upgrade option, the system is one of our favorites.

Finally, when it comes to the Lincoln navigators of 2018, we have nothing to complain about. It is the latest model of a large luxury SUV, including the Mercedes GLS, for three generations and Cadillac for three. The Navigator can easily nod in these choices to express our overall advantage. Giving Lincoln a class leader is a rare thing, and in this case, it’s a valuable thing. If this is any sign of Lincoln’s future, we can’t wait to see what happens next.


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