The BMW X4 will grow strangely strong in 2019


Ten warming, the X6, reminded us of the 1940s, when every American automaker built a four-door express. We thought , the one of the BMW X4 came out in 2015, and we hope that these deviations can be added to the old dustbin of Oldsmobile Series 60 and Plymouth De Luxe.

However, we recently found ourselves in the BMW performance center opposite the automaker’s assembly plant in Sparta, south Carolina, preparing to drive the new second-generation X4. It went on sale this summer and now looks like a mainstream car. The previously unimaginable normalization Is a terrible force to be reckoned with in cars and politics.

X4 has a fast back profile different from the square assembly stabilizer X3, and its growth rate is slower than that of the cross section. In the us, BMW sold more than 40,000 X3’s last year, while selling only 5,198 x4s. Mercedes-benz GLC Coupe is the only direct X4 simulation models, as a more traditional compact SUV fast transmission, it also increased its volume increase, to sell its case platform accessories. The existence of the GLC coupe might just because Mercedes was forced to fight back in its bilateral Marketing battleship game every new member of the BMW team, but the two also with porsche Macan, alfa romeo Stelvio and range rovers villa competition. The three also sacrificed the so-called crossover utility on the modeling altar.

Baby’s coming home fast

BMW has made the X4 more beautiful. It’s still like a turtle on stilt-but not so rough. The 2019-by-2019 X4 is mounted on a 2.1-inch wheelbase, casting shadows 3.0 or 3.2 inches longer than last year’s X4 (depending On the exact model). It’s also about an inch and a half wide and a little lower. The larger canvas is used by the designer to present a better proportion and less thick and short profile, while the entire rear profile is better decomposed into a Viscous shape.

Increasing the length is good for the interior behind the B column. The backseat leg space increased by about an inch and cargo capacity increased by a cubic foot from last year’s X4 to 19 cubic feet. From the cargo hold in the rear seat behind the X3 10 cubic feet of sloping roof cutting, down the back door opening into the head clumsy entrance area, internal almost the same as the X3, this is a good thing. The X4 driver installed the same quality of materials, compact panel fittings and informative digital The dashboard is in a comfortable and supportive sports chair throughout the day. The central iDrive control screen is the same as the X3: responsive, intuitive and graphically modern.

So, the design team’s prop, but the question remains: why choose the cheaper, more practical X3? In typical BMW fashion, the answer is that styling means a more sporty driving experience. BMW has even claimed that the new shape brings dynamic improvements – Though still higher than cars or coupes – as well as wider rear wheel tracks, thanks to a reduction in the centre of gravity. These are our hours after exploring the track performance center track, cruising near interstate highways, as well as in south Carolina and North Carolina highway winds, caused the origin of the mo SangXin NASCAR claims. Fastback ’40 ford is the norm.

In our X4 M40i occupies the most mileage, X4 M40i by BMW turbocharged 3.0 -liter inline six-cylinder engine driven top models, in xDrive30i turbocharged 2.0 -liter four-cylinder engine side trip. Both are equipped with standard full-wheel drive and eight -speed automatic transmission.

The two products are the only ones in the United States, but spartanburg-america’s largest car exporter -also makes the smaller 2.0-liter plus 4 diesel X4s for other markets. For all our groans about stupid American consumers embracing the crossover coupe, the company Like exports x times as many x4s as it sells. We heard the russians bought a lot. Like the X3, X5, X6 and the upcoming X7, all X4 is built in Sparta for global distribution. Instead, the crossing was built here, all Of which, until recently, when China’s demand for the X3 is so high that BMW opened another factory (and restructuring a factory to produce the X3) in South Africa. Or German cars made in the United States for Chinese and Russian consumers? Who remember the 1980s, this is more bizarre than AMC Eagle SX / 4.

A more decent

The X4 M40i will start production in August, and the smaller models will take months. Equipped with a solid 355-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder, it was the most popular version until the expected all-powerful X4 M arrived in the mercedes-benz AMG GLC63 coupe and the Macan Turbo. When we tested the first generation X4 M40i of 2017 with a similar power system, it reached 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. BMW claims to have lost about 110 pounds (citing more aluminum and high-strength steel ), so its estimate of


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