Mercedes’ g-class launch in 2019: after all these years, g-wagen is still crazy


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MB’s marketing guide knows that g-grade isn’t just a rational choice, but the changes to the next generation of Gelandewagen recognized its growing customer base. Since the g-class went on sale in the United States in 2001, most have been aim at improving ride and road handling, comfort and luxury bookings that attract high-priced customers.

The most substantial change is the new front suspension with its own bifurcation bone, replacing the rocker arm shaft 39 years ago. The G550 and G63 AMG of 2019 also add electric power steering systems, greater internal space, new dashboard and wiring networks that can accommodate Mercedes’s newest cars and security systems. The new g-class USES only a small number of carrying parts, including a standard engine, a rear tire cover, headlights to clean nozzles, sunscreens, and door handles and locks. The 2019 G represents the most Extensive update in the history of 40 years. Its over-design and simple status symbol violate the modern personal transportation standard.

It looks almost the same, yes, but the g-class body is new. The new g-class saloon has grown in size, unencumbered by the long-standing limits on its width-content suitable for German military helicopters. Internally as the type 463 (it has been a civilian Gs since 1990), but it is longer than 2.18, 4.8 inches wider than 2018, and has a wheelbase of 1.6 inches to 113.8.

Its body shell is now made of all kinds of high-strength and ultra-high strength steel, and its roof is welded by laser rather than spot welding. Fenders, hood and doors are made of aluminum, and fixed Windows are glued to metal for The first time, rather than gaskets. The 2019-g is still largely hand-built from Magna Steyr in graz, Austria, but it has a tighter clearance and a more accurate panel than ever before.

The frame is still the bottom layer of the g-class assembly, helping to reduce the center of gravity and protecting the The main mechanical parts, fuel tanks and exhausts from ground contact. Engineers say the new body/frame packaging has reduced the weight of the G by 375 pounds, but still increased the torsion stiffness from 4,821 inches to 7,495 pounds – feet per degree, or 55 Percent.

The new front suspension is fixed directly to the frame and the auxiliary frame is not allowed. Its forelegs are nearly three feet apart, and the pillar towers are now attached to large supports visible in the G engine room. The old four-link solid back Bridge was also modified, and the fifth horizontal link – basically a Panhard bar – was used to keep the wheels better aligned on the road under high lateral g loads. Steel helix springs still exist, but the new electronic adaptive impact standard G550 and G63 is Optional.

The electric power steering replaces the hydraulic system. The electric power system can implement the semi-autonomous function such as parking Lane assist and maintain. The G550 comes with a 19-inch wheel rim and the G63 comes with a 20-inch wheel rim, but the choice ranges from 18 to 22 inches depending on the buyer’s intent.

For anyone who is concerned that the new suspension somehow reduces the G class off-road credibility, we provide some data. The front axle clearance actually increased slightly to 10.6 inches, and the overall clearance was as much as a quarter inch to 9.5 inches. Keep the approach Angle at 30 degrees. Turn and leave angles increased by 1 degree to 26 and 31. For better measurement, the depth of the new G increased by 4 inches to 27.6 inches.

The 2019 G550 continues to use the same engine – Mercedes’s “thermally built Ve”, a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, tuned to 416 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, as it did in 2018. Mercedes’s new 9g-tronic The gearbox is now flanged at the end of the gearbox rather than a separate downstream. The AWD also changed the previous g-class seven-speed gearbox. The AWD also changed a little bit, starting with one less spiral axis. For greater torque multiplication, the low range ratio increased by 40% (to 2.93:1).

The G63 AMG of 2019 gets a new engine, although it is the same one used in the G550. It is tuned and


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