First driving the BMW X4 M40i in 2019: under your control But maybe, not a manual speaker


If I’m excited during a conversation, which is not uncommon, I’ll wave my hands to emphasize a point. I do this in the office, at the table and in the car. With the BMW X4 and its gesture controls for radio , navigation and phone options, putting your hand on the steering wheel is more important than ever. If you raise the volume of your local Christian talk radio station at the same time, it’s less likely to raise an opinion in a heated discussion, however feverish But it’s interesting. You can turn off gesture control, but it’s worth leaving the inevitable comedy behind.

A few weeks ago we offered you the basic version of the latest coupe, the X4, but here’s Cliff’s note: it’s bigger around and has more backseat space. The drag coefficient is reduced by 10% to help it slide in the air. The power Of the four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines increased, but the torque of the four-cylinder engines decreased by two pounds to two feet. Standard eight-speed automatic and drive mode. It USES the front strut suspension and the back of the five Links.

The first thing I found sitting inside was a tiny rear window that was hard to see through, the result of pulling the top line down to the bumper. On the front, the seat is supported and adjustable with good thigh support and side support. Beyond I drive is a great way to control everything and is a much easier system to learn than most people. There are also redundant buttons for functions such as climate control and heating seats. The drive mode and the Traction control button are lowered by the bat shifter. The large skylight makes the small car feel bigger with a lot of light.

The problem with these models — X4, X6, GLC and GLE Coupe — is that they have all the downsides of a real SUV and they don’t have any benefit, unless you like the shape, which I don’t like. Take the X3: same size, looks better, and 10 cubic feet of cargo space.

BMW has installed a two-engine scwoopy-crossover X4s near its sprawling campus in Greer, south Carolina: 2.0 liters, 248 horsepower, 258 pounds of xDrive30i and 355 horsepower, and 365 pounds of X4 M40i. But I only drive the M40i, its Star TwinPower turbocharged I6 and 8-speed automatic transmission.

No one would say driving isn’t fun. Driving a BMW is almost always fun. The acceleration is steady and strong, with very small turbine hysteresis at low engine speed, and great tension when the speed rises. It is easy to keep the speed Of the engine in the position you want by using the gear shifter.

I won’t talk about it like Mr. Warner did, but the boy is very active. The eight-speed transmission is a dual clutch transmission that changes speed rapidly in motion and motion mode. Six popular music and shrapnel on shift – by the Way, all natural sounds can be heard in the cabin. Call it childish, but I’m always a fan. Put it in comfort mode to keep everything quiet.

But back to control. Turn properly fast and properly weighted: center light, no dead point, build effort when you have the upper hand. The X4 is very interesting and can be seen on the roads behind the hills of south Carolina. When the bend Is tight, just turn on the wheel to keep it between the lines because there is enough grip to use. It’s easy to stay on the left, right or dead of the lane.

Regardless of the driving mode, the body movement can be well controlled, and even in the toughest environment, the X4 can remain soft enough, rather than anywhere near the M3 hardness. It has never crashed in a big bump. The car rolls very little , but the X4 is comfortable.

Power is distributed between axes starting at 80%, ending at 20 and ending at 20. Powertrain the computer adjusts from there to any situation. The rear differential is also a torque vector to help speed the corner exit.

On technology/security, you are looking for BMW is called active protection device, including frontal collision warning, city collision mitigation brake, the pedestrian warning and city braking and speed information. The standard navigation system comes with a 10.25-inch screen, an iDrive Controller and intelligent voice control, as well as a larger flat-screen display.

So, the X4 M40i is great from behind the wheel. This is a ball on a winding mountain road. Enough power, even the turbocharged four-cylinder version I’ve driven before, and plenty of modern technology. In terms of size, its The footprint makes it easy to operate and park in traffic and through holes. Its shape can make it or break it. Shape, and whether you speak with your hands.

The X4 30i starts at $51,445, while the M40i starts at $61,445, including destination. At the mercedes-benz GLC, its only true jelly-bean competitor, the GLC begins at $47,595. The 362 horsepower GLC43 starts at $61,395, compared with $74,145 for the big dog GLC63, which is expected to be reviewed soon.


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