As a Mercedes, Hamilton ranked first in Austria

Romain Dumas driving the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak for the first time in Alés (F)

Steven spielberg, Austria (ap) – Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas and lewis Hamilton in the Austrian grand prix qualifying for 1-2 grades, farad interest rates brought the last game on Saturday after a few hours to restore the pecking order.

With Mercedes locked in the front row for the third time this year, portas beat Hamilton by 0.019 seconds in the first pole position of the season.

The Finnish driver also started last year and continues to win.

“I can guarantee that I’m more eager to win than anyone else,” Mr. Botas said. “Over the weekend, we made good progress in setting things up. The car felt very good.

Sebastian vettel was the fastest in the last training session, but came in third place with more than a third, followed by ferrari friend kimi raikkonen.

However, Germany will have to start in the sixth place, where they blocked three free throws from carlos sainz in the second half of qualifying.

Just after finishing a lap, vetter did not let the Renault driver drive the curb to avoid a crash while he was at full speed in sainz.

The race director said vetter “should not be so slow and on the track when the speed is slowing down.”

Vetter said he “couldn’t see him. I didn’t tell me on the radio, so I had to apologize to him. No intention.”

In a four-time world championship duel, vetter was ahead of Hamilton in game 9 of Sunday’s 21 games.

Germany’s fastest lap in practice shows ferrari catching up with the upgraded Mercedes.

Hamilton and botas dominated Friday after the team applied aerodynamic changes to their cars, including new wing designs and modified front and rear wings.

Thanks to bothas’ use of Hamilton and werther’s mistakes, Mercedes returned to qualifying and was unable to match the speed of the Finnish team in the final laps.

On the fourth pole in the season, the second time this season, this season will be the no. 50 and 76 Mercedes Hamilton still optimistic, because he is the last lap under pressure recovery.

Hamilton said botas should beat him.

“I’m really happy. It was a good result for the team, “he said. “The whole was went well, the position was good, but we were obviously very close.

After his mistake, Mr Vetter realised he “needed a banker to qualify him for a good position” but admitted he was “not good enough to challenge Mr Walters”.

The upgrade puts Mercedes in a strong position to extend its winning streak at the Austrian track. Since the Austrian grand prix returned to the calendar in 2014, it has won all four games, with Hamilton and botas winning the last two seasons.

Over the years, the team’s dominant position due to its remarkable power unit, and the circuit layout, the km level in the shortest possible track 4.3 km (2.7 miles), only nine turns and four long straights, is helpful to have good traction of The car and linear speed.

The track is located in the countryside of central Austria and has a slope of up to 12%.

Has been very difficult to overtake at the track, but Sunday’s game will be the first to show the third area of ​​DRS, the driver can use the drag reduction system, in order to increase speed when chasing the car ahead.

Max Verstappen was fifth, but his red bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo was beaten to sixth place by Haas driver Romain Grosjean.

Emphasizing his potential, Charles Leclerc became the first sober to qualify for the second round in a six-game winning streak since 2014. Monaco – born drivers have announced their 13th fastest time, but must start after a penalty kick on the 18th.

Leclerc, who is said to be the candidate to replace raikkonen at ferrari next season, stopped training because of an engine problem, forcing his team to replace the gearbox.

After last week’s French grand prix, the race is formula one’s first triple crown and next weekend the British grand prix will be held at silverstone


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