Amazon software packages delivered to the top of the world


LEH, India – the small town of LEH in the Himalayas, near India’s border with China, sometimes seems to have been left behind by modern technology. Internet and mobile services are rare, two roads into the outside world snow every winter, and buddhist temples Compete with military outposts for prime hilltops.

But every morning, the convenience of the digital age comes via an airplane carrying 15 to 20 packages of amazon bags. At an altitude of 11,562 feet, Leh is the highest in the world for fast delivery.

When the plane arrived in new Delhi, amazon’s local delivery partner incredible Himalayan staff met with them, and then take the van will be near these packages to a modest warehouse. Eshay Rangdol, 26, a nephew of the owner, oversees the sorting of packages And provides many of them himself.

Last fall, amazon began offering door-to-door delivery in the region as part of an effort to better serve India’s most remote corners. Since the incredible Himalayan takeover of the postal service, Leh’s sales have increased 12-fold, while the delivery service Has been much slower and customers are required to pick up packages at the post office.

Like the incredible Himalayan local delivery partner is very important to the company’s global strategy, especially as it tries to transcend the traditional parcel company united parcel service company or fedex so diversified business. Last week, amazon announced a plan to attract more small businesses to its Delivery network in the United States.

Licheng is geographically and culturally close to Tibet, which is controlled by China. Buddhist temples tend to cater to the religious needs of the town’s 30,000 inhabitants, while the military guards the still disputed border with China.

Mr Rangdol and other couriers reach shoppers on motorcycles and scooters. They occasionally use cars when the snow is heavy in winter. But two wheels are usually better than four to navigate Leh’s narrow, bumpy roads and avoid the ubiquitous cows.

Amazon client Skalzing Dolma was Mr Rangdol’s first stop on a recent day, receiving sheets and eyeshadow.

Ms. Zhuoma bought everything from clothes to kitchen utensils on amazon, and estimates she spent a total of 100,000 rupees, or about $1,500, on the site. There are few options in the Leh store, where cosmetics and clothing are popular with amazon.


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