2020 Porsche Taycan: this is what we know Porsche’s first all-electric car will be launched next year. This is expected.


The story was updated on 6/8/18 and includes the official name of production task E, Taycan. As we learn more, it will keep updating.

Porsche stunned the world two years ago with its all-electric Mission E sedan concept, which it later promised would go into production as the Taycan by 2020. The spy photos seen in this article provide an early look at the Taycan prototype test in public near The porsche development center in Weissach, Germany.

Here’s what we know about this incredibly interesting car

At first, we thought porsche would only call the car mission E, but today the company has announced it won’t. On its 70th anniversary, porsche announced that its first electric car would be called Taycan and released as tie-con. This is a Eurasian language is basically translated as “lively young horse”.

“Our new electric sports car is very solid and reliable,” oliver bloom, porsche’s chief executive, said in a statement announcing the name. It’s a vehicle that can always stay long and free.

Yes, porsche has sold a Panamera, but it’s not just modifying the car to make the Taycan. Instead, Taycan will ride on its own custom platform, known internally as the J1, with its lithium-ion batteries forming the floor between the two axles , like tesla.

Porsche doesn’t just build a 911, but Taycan does too. “Car magazine” to speak with porsche boss oliver bloom, who confirmed that the car could follow the porsche preexisting model – which means you can expect Taycan S or Taycan GTS. Maybe Not Taycan Turbo, because it doesn’t actually have a turbocharger.

Automotive magazine after pushing the early Taycan prototype and reported that it would initial offer three power outputs of 402 horsepower, 536 horsepower and 670 horsepower. Like the tesla Model S, Taycan will install electric motors on the front wheels and the rear axle for full- Wheel drive, but porsche may ultimately sell an entry-level rear wheel drive.

Taycan has 600 horsepower, says Mark Webber, a factory driver and brand spokesman, after testing prototypes at porsche Weissach.

The 615 LMP1 hybrid that obtained the le-mans three times, restoring heat from braking. In this Setting, porsche commitment Mission E concept to 60 MPH in 3.5 seconds, in 12 miles per hour up to 124 miles per hour, and it will be at the nurburgring Nordschleife running at the speed of less than 8:00.

Production of Taycan may also yield four-wheel steering and torque vectors. Porsche’s boss, Oliver Blume, promised in 2015 that making cars would drive like a real porsche. Usually, that means good things.

It has two battery capacity options

The car and driver, which recently pushed the concept of the tuan e interceptor, reported that the production of the Taycan will be available with the battery pack one option, providing about 80 KWH, in addition to 95 KWH. If you want the maximum horsepower , you’ll need the maximum battery.

Stefan Weckbach, head of porsche’s electric Car development, also told Car and Driver that Taycan would be equipped with a battery cooling system. Porsche hopes the Taycan would provide consistent, repeatable performance and keep the battery in the desired operating temperature range.

In the United States, the Panamera base starts at $85,000, while the most expensive transmission, the Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid Sport Turismo, climbed to nearly $190,000. Mr. Bloom also said Taycan should sit between the porsche Panamera and 911


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