This is the best appearance of our Jeep pickup trucks in 2019, and its high expectations of pickup trucks have finally been publicly tested.


Last year, we saw the pickups of the Jeep Wrangler for the first time. This was before the debut of the end of 2019. Now, on the public road, a disguised Wrangler is conducting some tests, which provides us with an ideal truck.
In front, we can see Jeep’s famous 7-slat grille. We can hardly recognize the horizontal LED lights that run during the day. The Wrangler in 2018 is widely considered acceptable. The bed on this truck also looks more productive than the prototype of the Wrangler pick-up truck discovered last year. Later, you can see the rectangular taillights, which are very similar to today’s Wranglers of the jk generation, although covered with heavy camouflage.
This particular truck is a four-door infinite model, although we would not be surprised to see that there are two body-style tuner as well as the regular model. The wheels of this prototype look the same as those on today’s Rubicon, but they can change before the truck reaches production.
The only thing worth noting is that, next to the spied prototype last year, there was a separate exhaust pipe that was discharged from the passenger side. You may also notice the blue wiring on the rear side door of the cab and run at the bottom of the body, which shows that this is a very typical model.

We should see the Wrangler pickup before the end of 2019. The next generation of Wranglers will be produced in the form of non-sports utility vehicles sometime next year.
When Cherokee first made his debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show, he immediately got a lot of opinions. Strong opinion. The nameplate was attached to a car. Its front end was extremely extreme, and some people thought it was a creature crawling out of the depths of the New York subway system. Regardless of bricks, Cherokee sold well in one of the most popular stages – so Jeep is not in a hurry to change it. In its sixth model year (according to current standards), the Cherokee people have finally been transformed. This is the first time we have seen the new face of the 2019 model.
Before the 2018 Detroit Auto Show held in January this year, Jeep released some pictures showing the entire design. Most notably, the insect’s face no longer exists. Strangely enough, the stacked bi-optical devices have disappeared and the main headlights now look normal at the top of the fascia. On the red car, it seems that Cherokee’s Trailer No. 4, the fog lamp is a small dimple under the headlights; on a grey jeep, it looks like a limited, fog lamp is placed in the lower corner of the fascia. Both versions retain the seven-slot grille.
The Cherokee’s body is largely controlled by humans, but there have been minor changes in the rear. The license plate number is incorporated into the lift gate, which makes the design of the rear bumper easier. The redesigned bumper and redesigned taillights together make the 2019 Cherokee look wider and lighter. According to an internal picture, the center stack has some things that are adjusted or moved, but it remains largely unchanged.
Jeep claims that Cherokee will have a more fuel-efficient powertrain in 2019; the model currently uses 2.4 liters of inline-4 and 3.2 liters of V6. It is expected that more information will be disclosed at the Detroit Auto Show in the coming weeks.


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