The first driving comment of the Toyota corolla hatchback in 2019: technology is better than ever.


The Scion iM car, formerly known as Scion iM, was rebranded as the Toyota corolla iM when the Scion brand “sunset” in 2016. Now, it is reborn again, as a corolla hatchback in 2019.
This is not just a renaming. This is a new chassis design, a new chassis, a new high efficiency drivetrain and a more secure technology than an entry-level compact. As far as we are concerned, it is one of the best modern corolla.
Toyota Dynamic Force engine.
Under the hood, you will find the new 2.0 -liter four-cylinder engine, Toyota corolla 2019 hatchback, up to 168 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque, increase horsepower and 25 pounds – 31 feet outgoing corolla IM.
You may be surprised to learn that Toyota has a six-speed manual transmission of the hatchback. There are even some software intelligent functions built in, which can realize the speed reduction and shift matching, smooth change of high-speed meshing, ramp support and blocking turn inhibition. To activate these functions, you must open the “iMT” mode. When the ignition switch loops, the shift assist software is annoying by default, and I prefer it to stay in whatever mode I leave behind.
Most of the 2019 corolla hatchbacks will use a new type of gearbox, but even if it’s not just CVT. It has a fixed clutch of the first gear, can improve the offline performance and feel. From stopping to look, there is nothing that makes most CVT feel weird and rubber. More than 15 to 20 miles per hour, the gear is removed, the gearbox is restored to a regular continuous variable operation, and the virtual “virtual gear” can be selected by shifting the dial.
Toyota’s new TNGA platform support is lower, wider and longer than ever. The new framework means that the hatchback is 60 percent harder than the incoming iM, so its multi-link rear suspension system and the McVerson front will be a more solid stage. Lighter components, such as the resin-composite hatchback doors, help to keep the 3060 pounds of the 2019 model in line with the previous generation, even though it has more equipment.
All this has improved fuel economy relative to the forthcoming models. However, Toyota did not release specific figures, and my time with CVT (about 29 miles) and manual (about 23 miles) models may be too short and meaningless.
What is good for the economy, it turns out, is the carora hatchback. It’s not hot, but it’s more engaging and sophisticated than the previous generation. The Scion iM at the time felt mushy and fuzzy in the corner and lacked a sense of direction. The new carola hatch still lacks sense and connection, but more planting, predictable and curved responses. I would rather in the way of a truly great sat behind Volkswagen golf or Mazda 3 wheels, but it is a very stable performance of Toyota, frankly, it’s enough to meet the needs of budget commuters.
Standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0.
In 2019, the corolla hatchback not only introduced security games for the model, but also provided security games for the entire brand. This will be the first Toyota model, which will be the standard equipment for the second-generation Toyota Safety Sense driving assistive technology TSS 2.0.
Upgrades include improvements to automatic emergency braking. The system can now completely stop the car at a speed of less than 37 miles per hour to prevent a collision below that speed. Cyclists’ detection techniques have been added to their techniques, and low-light pedestrian detection has improved significantly and improved night safety.
When equipped with a stepless gearbox, the carola hatch also has the standard full speed adaptive cruise control function, which can stop the vehicle completely when decelerating in front of the vehicle. Using a manual transmission, can carry out adaptive cruise, but can only be started in more than 25 miles per hour, if speed is lower than 15 miles per hour in order to avoid stalling, will escape.

CVT models also have standard lane tracking auxiliary system, the system USES cameras to detect lane maker, or if the tag can’t see, is to use vehicle ahead will corolla actively in the driveway, not like the old lane keep assist system bounce system between boundary. When adaptive cruise controller is enabled, this kind of operating wheel system is only applicable to highway.

The road lane departure warning (at a faster rate than about 35 miles per hour) is also improved, as well as better road edge detection and new driver alert degree of the monitor, it is recommended to detect the driver from too much when have a rest.
TSS 2.0 also includes a marker aided system based on camera, can read road signs while reading road signs (such as stop, yield, the speed limit or may not) input, and display the combination instrument in the recent three marks.
Add the standard back-up camera to the mix, which is a lot of standard safety equipment for the budget hatchback. Drivers can also choose to add blind spot monitoring, but I will only tell the CVT model.
In accordance with 3.0 Entune
After adding the standard Entune 3.0 information entertainment feature to the dashboard, the cabin technology department will also overhaul the 2019 model year. The software is roughly the same as the dashboard technology we saw in Toyota Avalon in 2019, with the same advantages and disadvantages.
This generation of Entune also USES a new Verizon 4G LTE connection technology, including remote access and monitoring through the Toyota phone and smartwatch applications, and Alexa Skill integration.
I like the organizational improvement of the menu system, but I think the visual effects can use some highlights. With the standard Apple CarPlay connection, the 8-inch touch screen is vibrant, crisp and truly glowing. The use of Android Auto does not apply to this generation – a huge disappointment – but the scout’s GPS connection application connects to standard configuration, providing users with another low-cost navigation option.
The optional Entune 3.0 Premium system can be used to increase airborne navigation, as well as an 800 watt, eight-speaker JBL audio system that sounds better than the standard six-speaker device.
A firm and compact competitor.
The new 2019 Toyota corolla hatchback looks more sporty, but the biggest improvement in the budget compact car is comfort and safety. In July 2018, TSS 2.0 will be the class leader when the two vans are on the road, a solid choice for parents who are looking for a safe first car for their young drivers.
The new CVT powertrain will have a better standard safety device than manual selection, and may also have the best economy, so it will be a model for the car. From there, potential owners will have to choose between SE and XSE, which has more styling and amenities. The 2019 Corolla Hatch will be priced close to release.
If, like me, you are looking for more heat in cabin, can consider to Volkswagen golf and the Mazda 3, it should be compared with the corolla hatchback competitive prices, or to save more money for Volkswagen GTI, Roadshow favorite hot tank. Later this year, I’m going to put a future generation of modern Veloster into the mix.


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