The chevy corvette was sold in 1967.


Location: La Vergne, Tennessee, 37086.
Inventory number: 0914-nsh.
The number of kilometers.
: 84008
Transmission: Auto
Status: good
External: Rally red.
Interior: black
Description of seller:
If you’re looking for a carefully restored old Vette convertible, and the number matches 327… Then check the car. Jump in and turn the keys home. Or enter the trailer. Because this guy is nice and spotless, you might want to collect some trophies before you get dirty.
I will praise the details of the car, but you already know the basics. It’s arguably the most beautiful body style in corvette’s history. In the paint code 974 Rally Red, it comes with a bright chrome plated bumper that sits under a hidden headlight and is separated from the edge of the edge of the edge of the vehicle. The spear points on the hood are marked by the logo of the racing flag in front and center. A white convertible looks great, but driving down is all about it. The back of the front fender has a side vent, and the ideal side tubes look great and beautiful. The Corvette and Stingray badges at the back of the car and the super-sharp chrome display of the rear bumper.
The interior of the car is fully stocked and displayed as new. Open the door, the window crank and the door handle the chrome plated control device with the black panel section outlined the fine chrome pipes to shine together. There is a polished trim bar that protects the threshold when you cross those side tubes. Once you’re in these pleated bucket seats, grab the three wooden steering wheel in the deep tray and check the view of the hooded dashboard. 160 MPH speedo and sweep tach are located in the center, fuel, oil pressure, water temperature and voltmeter on both sides. The fully functional clock is located in the middle of the dashboard, and the pass-through risk control and radio are located in front of the shifter for automatic shift.
When you open the hood, you will find the matching number 327 cubic inches, and the 300 horsepower engine sits in a neat and clean engine room. The top is a polished chrome air cover and Turbo-Fire sticker announces engine details. Everything is right, the iron, and the bonnet of the chevy volt are painted in the right color orange. There is A new alternator, belt and hose, and A brand new A/C compressor. If you really want to impress, check the chassis of the car. Please remember what we said about the new products in the exhibition hall? It is. All parts have been fully repaired, such as the impact and backboard, as well as a variety of new bushing are painted in the correct color, and all are spotless. The showroom is new and displayed.
Call or down to ask the salesperson for maintenance records and other documents. So if this is the vintage victor you’ve been looking for, go ahead and take it home.
Price: $72,995.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, 30306.
Inventory number: 885EC.
Number: 9110220390.
: 110741
Gearbox: manual.
Status: excellent
Appearance: tangerine
Room: black
Description of seller:
Motorcar Studio is pleased to provide the service for this 1970 porsche 911E non-skylight coupe. Beautifully done with the right tangerine, this car is a good example of a good recovery and maintenance with a record date to the early 90s. The figure matching 2.2 was reconstructed approximately 10 km in 2005 (with the Carrera timing chain tensioner); Clutch, gearbox brand new modification, new axle in 2012; In 2013, the new CDI box completed MFI and ignition transformation. The main engine delivery service is resealed in 2016. Tens of thousands of dollars in service and repair receipts (more than the car’s asking price). This 911 operation and drive beautiful, and feel “call” – it has no known mechanical needs.
In terms of aesthetics, in 2013, the car was made of completely new accessories, rubber and mirrors to be repainted with a bare machine. Good original glass with new windshield. Revise 14-inch fox with updated yokohama. The interior is well decorated with beautiful door panels (with perfect pockets), dashboards, seat trim and ceiling. A new square woven carpet and leather – wrapped steering wheel. The Blaupunkt is energized and energized during the sprint, but does not make a sound (not to say that you need any music other than a smooth plate with a high CAM height above the aperture).
An outfitting, socket, tool, a record stack organized in a binder and a certificate of authenticity included in sales. For more information about the 1970 porsche 911 E coupe in Atlanta’s Motorcar studio, please call 404-692-5250.
Price: $120,000.


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