For the first time, Pikes Peak, owned by Volkswagen, went out with Romain Dumas. Why is electricity the fastest route to the top of the mountain?

Romain Dumas driving the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak for the first time in Alés (F)

France – Romain Dumas (Romain Dumas) first met Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak, just like the rest of the world, through a weekend news conference. During Monza’s time, when he was watching TV on his mobile phone, he saw the cover fall from a car and he would race in 62 days. His initial reaction? “Wow, that’s a good one!”
From Monza, Dumas flew directly to the test track in southern France, where Autoblog saw the unveiling of the car, arrived at two in the morning, went directly to the garage of the depot, and saw the car with his own eyes. The weight of the public is behind the project, but he himself also invested. His hometown concert tour will push I.D. R to Colorado in a matter of weeks.
He went out for the first time on Monday. Dumas said: “The first time I saw the complete ID R was great, and it could be brought out for the first time.” In the past few months, Volkswagen (Volkswagen) from beginning to end Efforts have been my greatest respect. I clearly saw the original picture of the car, but it was more spectacular in the meat. Our current test schedule is full, and I look forward to every meter!”
The most famous to win the Le Mans and Porsche 919 mixed WEC title, Alexandre Dumas in the Pike Peak also has three completely won his self-raised Norma MXX RD. The interpersonal expert hillclimb maker also provided the final piece of the puzzle once Volkswagen Racing parked at Park Peak for the upcoming promotional tool ID EV lineup. In fact, I.D.R is based on a rigorously modified and reinforced Norma monocoque, and Dumas said that his previous experience driving Pikes Peak in their car will lead him to lead in the upcoming shock.
It weighs less than 2,500 pounds and can reach 0-60 mph in 2.25 seconds. It has 680 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque in its two electric motors. Its official goal is to beat Rice Rice. Lun at the electronic record of 8:57 in 2016. Millen won the electric car championship for the first time in the previous year. He has already proved that electricity can conquer the most difficult hillside in the world. However, for nearly 1600 horsepower and 1,659 pounds current record holders, Dumas took a knife to shoot it? Volkswagen said no, because the company focused on weight savings and aero to replace full power. In France, it has a driver who knows this course and how to get the most from electric and hybrid racing.
He said: “In terms of braking, regenerating, and managing energy, I think some of the views are very similar to the 919 hybrid.” “Because of LMP1’s rules, we consider the fuel for each lap, and we have played a very important role in energy. The big effect, I think, is that we will do the same at Pikes Peak.” Many of these points will be similar wherever the maximum energy is used, where the maximum energy is not used, where it is regenerated, and where it is restored. He thinks that Peake is the best place to show electric vehicle technology. “Because this is a game, nine minutes because EV is not a compromise in height. This is the best choice.”

Of course, none of this can guarantee the success of the public. The public is painfully aware that, in Walter Rohrl’s (Audi) Audi’s Audi’s Audi’s Audi, When the Rose Joint left only a few corners at the 14115-foot summit, it lost to Walter Rohrl’s Audi sports car Quattro. This happened more than 30 years ago, but the public is still talking about it. A score.
The similarity between the 1987 twins golf and the I.D.R. R was very small, but symbolic. The electric racer also used a motor-driven four-wheel drive on each axle and had considerable power output and control weight. At this summit, thin air was not a problem for the motor because of its internal combustion engine, but the downward pressure dropped by a fifth during the 4720 vertical altitude increase. Therefore, they must be removed in order to place the proof of identity in its transmitter. There is also an oxygen cylinder for the driver.
Other specific challenges related to the Pikes Peak included battery temperature – the lithium-ion battery is air-cooled – and the logistical challenge of charging the car at the 9400-foot starting line. And, no, the generator will not be diesel-powered.
Both of these examples illustrate how I.D. R. Pikes Peak will inform electric vehicles driving on the road in terms of the balance of car weight and battery output and the development of energy recovery. This discovery shows that 20% of the energy needed to climb the Pike Peak can be generated during braking, saving important weight. However, in the two weeks after the launch of the activity, it is necessary to solve the problem of the exact balance between battery output and weight. This is one of the problems that needs to be solved. From then on, Dumas and his team will travel to Colorado and participate in this course all the time. But as long as two days of testing and ten exercises are expected, they will need to complete their homework before arriving in the United States.
There is at least one less worry: all the failures of the unfinished business on double golf in 1987, Volkswagen will be happy that 835 hp sports Quattro runs David Rowe in 2017 will not compete this year’s ID R in the infinite class . Whether or not Walter Rohrl was beaten by Audi again, it was probably too much.


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