The rough production growth quality and supply problems of Ram puzzle the redesigned pickup.


The quality and supply problems of the newly redesigned Ram 1500 pickup are not enough to make fiat Chrysler chief executive Sergio Marchionne spend the night in the factory floor, tesla’s Elon Musk.
“I didn’t sleep on the floor,” marchionne told the company’s earnings call last week. “You need to be the age of Elon to do that. I’m too old for that nonsense.”
But Mr. Marchionne, 65, spent less than $300 million to address the problem of delayed truck acceleration in 2019.
Mr Marchionne acknowledges that the launch of the pickup is the key to the FCA’s strategy to hit its financial targets in 2018 – fraught with problems. He says the FCA Sterling Heights Assembly factory started to produce the truck in the middle of January, “may now be 60% of the running period, this is not what we need, we have enough time to install in 2017, however, it was proved to be challenging. ”
The plant’s suppliers and internal sources said late last week that the plant would produce about 1,000 trucks a day, with a rate of 1,400 vehicles a day. The plant runs twice a day, seven days a week, and works 10 hours a day to boost production, sources said.
The production schedule, revised in March with auto news, shows that the FCA plans to run the plant every weekend and every holiday on labor day to speed up production of a new generation of Ram.
FCA dealers have begun to receive 2019 pickups, but they are limited to carry a 5.7 -liter V – 8 engine models, compared with the generation on the truck, the engine is the market price of the same, all is 15 miles/city / 22 highway 17 integrated fuel economy.
As of late last week, whether it’s with a belt drive generators and 48 v battery 3.6 -liter V6 gearbox and a 5.7 -liter mild hybrid didn’t win regulatory fuel economy rating.
Mr Marchionne told analysts, although the car manufacturers are developing new products, but still rely on the generation of Ram, 1500, the product will continue to distance in Sterling Heights of about 10 miles Warren Truck Assembly factory building, at least until 2018, probably until 2019.

Still, sales of the last generation of trucks were not very good. In fact, this month the FCA is offering incentives to U.S. dealers to add new trucks to their service rental fleet and count them as sales. In march, U.S. wool pickup sales fell 11 percent, while sales fell 13 percent in the first three months.
Ford’s F series grew 7 per cent last month to 4.3 per cent in March. In march, sales of Chevrolet Silverado rose 24%, a 5.5% increase for the year.
A union source at the plant told Automotive News that it was difficult for suppliers to “synchronize” the construction of two versions of Ram 1500. The Sterling Heights plant is still under construction, the source said, although workers have built new Ram 1500s, and some workers still lack proper training.
A source close to the company said that more than 2,500 vehicles in 2019 Ram 1500s were being shipped near the factory where they were waiting to be repaired. One supplier said the problem was electrical, but did not elaborate.
Mr Marchionne said the FCA needed to roll out Ram 1500 in 2019 and redesign the jeep herd to help the company meet its financial targets for 2018, his last year as chief executive.
He and chief financial officer Richard palmer last week confirmed the company guidance, 2018, namely before the end of this year, the interest and adjusted profit before tax of more than 8.7 billion euros ($1.05 billion), and the first time since the fiat cash debt more than 2009 years, Chrysler, controlled the Chrysler bankruptcy. In the first quarter, the FCA posted an adjusted profit of 1.61 billion euros ($1.96 billion), up 5 percent, and reduced its debt by $1.6 billion this quarter.


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