The first driving of the BMW I8 roadster in 2019: back in the future, BMW looks like the future.


I never thought about what it was, but I recognized it immediately. Growing up in an agricultural community, on the first hot day of spring, I smelt an orchard and burned it to my memory. Frankly, I’d rather it wasn’t, because I’m pretty sure it’s rotting fruit. As I rolled over the roof of Majorca almost silently, the uncomfortable smell of the new BMW i8 roadster was accompanied by a memory.
As a lifelong science fiction enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the way perfume can take you back. Given the choice, I would still choose a DeLorean Mr And Mr Fusion, the Sir Can I prepare to visit or to visit the guidance of the exact date and time, but before that, the weather is good i8 roadster is a good platform – in.
There are more than a few similarities. Both are wedge shapes of medium – sized gasoline engines. Each sport has a pair of signboard top hinged doors to allow for two seats. Just as DeLorean gained more and became greener as the sequel progressed – from dirty plutonium fuel to literally recycled garbage – the updated i8 was also improved. It may not have flown yet, but it is flying better than ever on the country roads.
To achieve this, BMW is doing more than cutting the roof (though this is the first prototype). Improvements in battery technology over the past few years have led to bigger batteries and stronger batteries, making the Roadster and Coupe more powerful, with larger EV ranges and better fuel economy. In the generous new European driving cycle standard, battery capacity jumped from 7.1 kilowatt hours to 11.6 KWH, ranging from 20 miles to 33 miles. (in terms of context, the EPA has rated 2017 i8 as an all-electric range of 15 miles). Now, fully electric drives (from 43 miles per hour) to 75 miles per hour, with a top speed of 65 MPH in eDrive mode.
With additional available power, the front axle’s electric motor can generate an additional 12 horsepower, a total of 143 horsepower. The torque is maintained at 184 pound-feet. In the back, the turbocharged straight line finds the extra 3 horsepower, no extra torque, but the particulate filter reduces emissions. The 8 HP motor/generator that is connected to a gasoline engine by a belt is kept the same. The total output of the system rose from 357 to 374 horsepower. BMW significantly underestimated 0-60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. The pre-refresh i8 Coupe we tested was completed in 3.8 seconds with a lower power consumption and only 130 pounds.
The updated Coupe model gains the same enhancements.
You won’t notice the extra 17 horsepower in the driver’s seat, but you’ll notice that the gasoline engine is barely in use. The old model has a low power output, and the highest speed of the electric car means that you will often hear a small increase in i-3 to provide extra acceleration and higher speed. Now, you’ll be surprised that it rarely invades. I8 is not just a quiet parade of towns. If you’re stuck behind a tourist car, it’s quiet on the highway and even behind it. In most cases, the constant peak torque is enough to pull your strength.
The most impressive aspect of the i8 is still how it mixes when the gasoline engine starts. You hear it, not feel it, because there is no mechanical connection, although the two power transmission system, but they work perfect harmony, and most of you hear it, because the BMW adopted electronic sound enhancer in the car, to strengthen the pleasure of the air inlet, roar. Once the car engine is enabled, it will not change the characteristics of the car. It just makes it faster. It’s not a super sports car, it’s just the size of the chassis and the tires. It should be as fast as possible, so you can use it as long as the mood swings.
Just as you don’t feel like the gas engine is integrated into the power transmission system, you won’t feel the front double or rear six-speed automatic transmission. Only off the accelerator and back quickly in the shift, I got a stiff response from the back gearbox, and only once.

The sum of these parts is a car that is suitable for shooting down on the highway, because it is sliding along the unreasonable narrow mountain roads of mallorca. Like pure electric cars, instant power can always be delivered. The gas engine that plugs into Sport becomes a full-time employee and completes the racing experience with a furious little growl.
The wide track and low center of gravity, which are provided by the battery between the seats, provide a confident air for the car. Turn to fast and light, and give you high precision in corners. It doesn’t talk much, probably because the power is sent to the front wheels. Like the look of it implies, the car he bounce, and combining with its width and short, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible in turning down the wheel off the ground. The seats are not particularly badly supported, but the corners of the car are very flat and the cockpit is very comfortable and you don’t need them.
When they transition from renewable machinery to mechanical and just behind the wheel of the Chevrolet bolt EV over a year, brake is a familiar hybrids, they curious about them, I have two ideas. First of all, the BMW pedal feels superior, just as you would expect the price to be much higher. It’s still artificial, but it’s closer to the pure mechanical system than anything else on the market. Second, I desire more control over regenerative braking. I8 has done everything for you in this respect, and I prefer the Bolt driving mode and the steering wheel to install the OARS with only the throttle pedal and the ability to fine-tune regenerative braking.
However, the real limit on handling and braking components is still tires. BMW has done a commendable job of balancing performance and low friction efficiency in tyre choice, but it is still a difficult compromise. Most of the time, you won’t notice it. Even so, on the day when you really want to drive it as a sports car, you need to realize that the tires, the brakes are a little earlier, and the brakes are straight. Off-road braking can lead to understeer. Tires have a lot of grip, but if you drive it like the M4, you can and will ask for too much.
You also need to be free to use the DSC Sport function. In its default mode, the traction and stability control system is conservative and will not give you too much power when the steering wheel is not centered. If you want to get out of the corner, you need to switch to Sport. You leave a lot of insecure safety nets, but they can have a few drops on the gas pedal, enough to make the rear wheels slide.
When the red fog doesn’t make your mind wander, you’ll find a special experience in i8. Let the roof open to let the sun and smell disappear, and hear the sound of heaven and earth, and you will feel closer to the blurred view of the Windows. This is not just a drive on the mountain. This is a drive with a hill.
Reducing the roof needs to slow down to 31 miles per hour in 15 seconds (the same time and speed requires it to recover). The switch is hidden under the central handrail, and the rear window control device is located next to the rearview mirror. By default, the rear window stops at an inch and can still be used as a windshield, and it performs well. You can put it anywhere you want, roof up or down. BMW also added custom blinds to the hood to prevent hot air from rolling into the cabin when the roof was opened.


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