The 2019 Toyota corolla hatchback: iM is now just a corolla new engine, new transmission, new platform… The couple?


Has sold in the United States in the Toyota corolla more than half a century of the time, we call it a lot of things, often use reliable, respectable, reasonable, decent, no bias in favor of terms, in order to apply to your neighbors. But few of us describe the corolla in a more exciting way, even if the bizarre model – such as corolla iM – offers a slightly obnoxious treatment and appearance. In the case of iM, any enthusiasm will be impacted by the apparent lack of modern facilities such as killjoy powertrain, driverless CVT and Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or factory satellite broadcasting.
Entering the new 2019 Corolla hatchback, it’s on the new platform, with a new engine and gearbox, and a new look from the inside out. New cars effectively replace the previous iM models; The redesigned corolla will bow later in the day. It’s still too early to know if we really will feel its love from the driving point of view, but it looks promising and, to our surprise, it does look good.
Like the outgoing corolla iM – a Scion, until the demolition – 2019 crowns brand hatchback compared with European market Auris hatchback, closer to the corolla car, with strong year hundreds of thousands of americans. The redesigned 2019 Auris hatchback gives us the first hint that the new corolla hatchback was unveiled a few weeks ago at the Geneva motor show. On the basis of Toyota’s new global architecture (TNGA), Corolla hatchback in each key size increase, in addition to 1.5 inches long, 1.2 inches wide, 1.5 inches large wheelbase and wider track, before and after the rest of the 1.0 inches inches under the roof.
Like Auris, the corolla may be better than any recent model in Toyota’s large-caliber grille. The front suspension is 0.8 inch shorter and the rear suspension is longer. The lifting door is made of composite plastic with a tilt of 14 degrees. Given its apparent motion positioning, the Corolla will be available only in SE and XSE models, both of which are equipped with dramatic horizontal LED headlights and tail lights and chrome tail gas tips. The XSE added chrome plated front grille, heavy rear spoiler, deeper lower trim, and 18-inch wheels and 16-inch wheels.
If you’ve ever been in a contemporary corolla, you might be relieved that the interior of the cabin has moved forward. The dashboard and door panels have been completely reconsidered and visually organized. Toyota touts its attempts to “unify” materials and elements in shape, color, texture and gloss while eliminating unnecessary text switching devices. The instruments are hidden deep in their compass, and an 8.0-inch display screen ascends from the dashboard above the digital climate controller. Toyota said its new front row seat USES the modified seat cushion, it is interesting to note that hip is low, is said to be able to provide a more natural posture, and the seat by the wider console space, in order to obtain better elbow space. They were separated by a 1.7-inch console to get better elbow room.

All models are equipped with leather shift handles, electronic parking brakes, keyless ignition devices and two USB ports. Apple CarPlay compatibility, Amazon Alexa, wi-fi, Siri Eyes Free and voice recognition are all standard configurations. XSE added dual zone automatic climate control, leather and fabric interiors, heating front seats, electric driving seats, dashboard suture and a 7.0 inch TFT information display on the dashboard. XSE will also provide you with SiriusXM satellite radio, Toyota’s Entune remote information processing service and hd radio. The top 800 watts JBL sound system with eight speakers can be provided on the XSE model with a stepless variable speed automatic transmission (CVT) and bundled with the navigation.
This all sounds so good, corolla is that under the skin, the most significant change from aluminum and high strength steel dense TNGA structure, this structure will help lightweight body and chassis parts, 0.8 inch low center of gravity and huge requirement of the torsional stiffness increased by 60%. Toyota said the friction of the suspension was reduced by 40 per cent, helping to shift more directly. At the same time, the powertrain uav and road noise have been solved through numerous new sound insulation and sound insulation measures.
When corolla double-box play dealers, this summer will be Toyota’s new 2.0 -liter inline four-cylinder dynamic force with a new six-speed manual transmission or direct shift and its independent innovation CVT matching “start.” Power supply, we “have been deeply reported on the new four-cylinder engine with 13.0:1 compression ratio and direct and port injection capabilities. We also know that the new CVT transmission techniques, but until now we just get confirmed from Toyota, Corolla hatchback will also be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, the manual transmission will have speed matching function. Toyota engine power is 168 horsepower, torque to 151 lb-ft, than kang Laura iM 1.8 -liter engine horsepower and 25 pounds – 31 feet higher power, although the epa fuel economy assessment has not been announced, but Toyota said that automatically than Corolla iM 28/36/31 – MPG city/highway/combination number is higher.
Did Toyota really create carola with glamour? We’ll find out soon enough. But if the surprising 2018 camry is satisfactory, Toyota’s ability, our corolla related vocabulary may include more honors.


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