Ford Ranger Wildtrak’s midsize pickup truck may have a bizarre looking model for American buyers in the northern Michigan spy ring in 2019.


What it is: a new ford Ranger on land in the United States appears to be wearing the same duds as the Ranger Wildtrak model sold in other markets. Although its name is crazy, Wildtrak is not as ambitious as the upcoming Ranger Raptor, which is ford’s off-road, ready Ranger, equivalent to the larger f-150 Raptor. But hey, it looks cool.
Why it matters: we assume that the Wildtrak prototype is slowly moving toward northern Michigan, as ford is planning to bring it to the United States. Ford has promised a full range of interior levels for the new Ranger, and XL, XLT and Lariat will be available later this year, and the Chrome and Sport skins will be available. The Wildtrak off-road aesthetics will make a good upgrade for the expected four-wheel drive FX4. In addition, see trucks here may be a convenient test mule, and used to evaluate Ranger in the cold weather of the diesel engine – please note written in the book of the fuel door with “diesel” tape.
Platform: for a standard ranger, Wildtrak suit in extends to the edge of the bed behind the cab of the added a fairing, plus special 18-inch wheels, pedals, aluminum roof rail and for grille, front bumper and dark facing the side of the mirror. Although the interiors are equipped with additional equipment and Wildtrak accents and floor MATS, no hardware upgrades have exceeded the regular nomads.
Powertrain: not too far away, the Ranger may also have a diesel engine in the United States. Without any commitment, but in the production of non-us markets Ranger Raptor is equipped with a new high performance double turbocharged 2.0 -liter inline four-cylinder engine, while smaller overseas rangers with 3.2 -liter in-line five turbocharged diesel engine. Any engine can come here, probably in Wildtrak or other rovers. But if diesel becomes a no-go, ford could use the 2019 American ranger’s turbocharged 2.3-litre gasoline straight four-speed and ten-speed automatic transmission.
Expected arrival and price: do not expect to see any possible Wildtrak by 2019. Before turning to the special version, ford may focus on getting the Ranger’s basic lineup up and running. If the Wildtrak device is similar to the European version, it may sit at the higher end of the Ranger price range.

What it is: the new GMC Sierra 1500, the redesigned “professional” companion of the Chevrolet Silverado in 2019, debuted in December, with LED lights and GMC signs highlighted in the camouflage. This is the light 1500 model; The 2500 and 3500 heavy trucks will be carried out later. Sierra leone continues to act as the Silverado 2019 mechanical twins, under the disguise of GMC, GMC got to readjust the windshield, before and after the new head and tail lights, and more chrome plated, especially on top Denali version of the inevitable. Lower shoulder weights, wider beds, amenities such as electric tailgate and new efficiency measures are only part of the sierra leone story. Larger payloads and traction ratings are expected to be too much for most pickup buyers. Almost everything you need to know about Sierra has been unveiled by Chevrolet.
Why it matters: general motors likes to point out that GMC buyers spend more than Chevrolet. In addition, forget electric cars, car sharing and autonomy; In the United States, the market is still dominated by full-size pickup trucks. General motors has used sierra leone’s cars to reap the highest profit margins.
Platform: gm’s new T1 platform USES a high-strength steel frame, which the company claims weighs 88 pounds and has a 10 percent torsional rigidity. Due to the new truck aluminum door, after the hood and baffle plus two separate for stamping parts of the bed, it is said that its strength increased by 50% – general motors in V – 8 crew capsule Silverado models claimed that the overall weight of 450 pounds; We look forward to testing this on our measures. The wheelbase increases 3.9 inches, while the overall length increases slightly.
Powertrain: we may see a real hybrid, not the eAssist option on the existing Sierra truck. Will increase the made in Italy we do know that sierra leone’s 3.0 -liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, and get updates of 5.3 liters and 5.3 liters gasoline V – 8 engines, these can stop using a single cylinder engine instead of the entire library. The 6.2 liter V8 engine and 6 cylinder diesel engine will be equipped with a 10 speed automatic transmission. It is likely that the 4.3 litre V6 engine will return to the base model.


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