The soul of 2019: you can get AWD box kia’s hot selling soul ready to upgrade.


What it is: despite the lack of a full-wheel drive option, many competitors still offer very little functionality in their nominal small divider categories, but kia’s kia soul remains popular. By 2019, the soul of a complete transformation will hit the streets, it could eventually provide four driving wheel, where buyers increasingly need AWD give practical high doors/small across more sales traction. In 2018, the latest in our recent trucks and suvs tests, the soul of the subaru Crosstrek debate began to spread across the many wars in the afternoon in the office, and quickly transferred to from a chat room arguments on verbal bomb of compartment leaning on the wall. Finally, the lovely front wheel drives the soul to our list again.
During the winter test, the spirit of 2019 remains the same. On the prototype of the camouflage, the current model of the rear sloped roof is still obvious, while the unique fan-shaped greenhouse remains, and the rear rear light of the high label is also the same. The auxiliary light mounted below the grille has moved from the chin of the soul to the cheek, as if they might be more combined with the front panel.
Why it matters: the soul has always been a strong seller, brand ambassador and aesthetic touchstone, but these Numbers have fallen as the current model continues. In 2016, the company moved 145,000 geometric runways, a figure that fell by 30,000 vehicles in 17 years, more than in the entire industry. We want to blame the lack of a Hamstar version of au courant, but the reality is that the current spirit is ageing – a process that has been accelerated by the arrival of many new competitors. Like kia, you will believe that the new stinger is its image leader, and now the title is still an interesting soul. It is most important to make the next model more attractive to customers.
Platform: the next soul will share the platform with the coming modern conner and the kia Stonic. The latter, like other B handbags, offers more traditional means than the normal soul, but we think it doesn’t matter as much as modern kia does. As Scion xB and it to the way of the dodo, while nissan Cube was banished to the asymmetrical condition, some Picassofied for those for soul item Jones, there are only two options: soul and air (internal), more gel (external) fiat 500 l, we are very sorry we put forward the latter.

Powertrain: kia currently offers a natural inspiration of 130 HP, 1.6 liters, 4 cylinders with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, and a turbocharged 1.6 liters, 201 horsepower, and electric Soul EV. Given that hyundai is rolling out the electric version of kona, the persistence of the soul electric car is almost guaranteed. The internal combustion system is where things get interesting. The source indicates that although Kona/Stonic will provide the mechanical AWD system, the soul may adopt the rear wheel driven by the motor. It may be similar to what kia USES in the Trail’s concept car shown in 2015, and it means adding hybrid or plug-in hybrids to the range.
Modern kona will launch a 2.0 liter inline four-cylinder or 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbo engine, so we expect the soul to continue with 2.0 and 1.6 turbocharged. Kia will want the price of the base soul to remain competitive, which may require the retention of natural inspiration 1.6 online at the bottom. We wouldn’t be surprised to find that a six-speed automatic transmission with a naturally aspirated engine to continue matching, and 1.6 the turbocharger is currently found in the soul of the turbocharger double clutch unit locks. The availability of manual transmission of the next soul is an open question, but at least we expect it to be available on version 1.6.
Competition: Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3, nissan Kicks, subaru Crosstrek, Toyota c-hr.
Expected arrival and price: we expect the 2019 model to debut at the Los Angeles auto show later this year and launch shortly thereafter. We don’t think the fundamental price of the soul has changed very much. The current car starts at $17,095.


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