Haas is aiming to become a leader of the group.


Gunther steiner believes that the haas F1 team will stand out in the middle of the 2018 season.
Since the start of the season, the VF-18 has been a strong contender for the top 10. Kevin magnussen and romain grossor are likely to have both entered the top six in the opening game of Australia, if not for the failure of the repair team.
In the subsequent bahrain grand prix, magnussen finished fifth, and at the Chinese grand prix, he entered the top 10. Team-mate grosser has failed to score points for two consecutive games, but cannot hide the competitiveness of haas. In fact, the fact that haas has performed so well this season has prompted questions about the use of ferrari parts by other teams, even though the move is within the FIA’s rules.
After three games, haas was ranked seventh with 11 points against magnusson. Although with a fourth 17 points behind McLaren, but haas team leader, British museum, think, be the middle group leader is not impossible, because the team will do more than last year on the car.
“Yes, that is the goal of our struggle on the track,” he said before the British museum in azerbaijan grand prix, “because of various reasons, we haven’t become the best team in the middle group, some of them are of its own making, as in Australia, but I believe that this moment will come.”
“We need to continue doing what we are doing. We know more about tyres every game, and now we’ve got more knowledge about tyres on a last year basis, and we’ve got an upgrade plan for this year’s car.
“This year’s plan is quite different from last year’s. Last year, we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of upgrades because we decided early on to turn our attention to the next year’s car. But this year, we decided at the beginning of the season that we would do more. So, depending on how good our upgrades are, it’s up to the upgrade.
“Civil war” worries.

At the moment, haas is the only one to score points with magnusson, and the first two seasons have been the team’s main success. However, steiner was not worried about the fact that he had yet to score points.
“It’s not a problem. Although Roman didn’t get the results he wanted — and the results we wanted him to get, he did well for that reason.
“There is nothing wrong with the team. Our team atmosphere is very good, and Roman will get the ideal result. I have no doubt about it.”
In bahrain, manu and grosse made the game different, but because of the communication problems, the Frenchman once blocked his teammates. In Melbourne, the two haas RACES were closely followed before the race.
Last year, force India’s leading position in middle group is relatively safe, but sergio perez and esteban aokang in more games violent confrontation, two collision, especially in Baku interred team podium even chance of winning.
Mr Steiner admits that, as Mr Haas is now competitive, there are worries about “civil war”.
“It’s not easy to deal with, but you’re willing to deal with it,” he says. “sometimes you need to manage your emotions, but I think there are good basic rules for two drivers. They whip each other in different ways, and more and more.
“If all goes well, it looks like we’ll always have two cars going into the zone, and that’s the only thing that’s changed. We’ve always had ups and downs, not just in the top 10. But now the vf-18 has a solid foundation that allows us to continue to compete for points


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