China’s GAC unveiled the EV Concept for the first time, announcing U.S. sales in 2019.


China’s state-owned guangzhou auto group (GAC) unveiled the latest concept car at the Detroit auto show, and it is electric. Called Enverge battery electric SUV in a slim body, traditional sports concept car design cues, such as butterfly gate, small cameras instead of outside rearview mirror, and large digital dashboard display. The GAC claims that, thanks to a 71-kilowatt battery pack, the Enverge can charge more than 370 miles at a time.
The concept is a promising one, from the company’s formal announcement that it plans to enter the U.S. market by the end of the decade. This is not just a conversation, because GAC will participate in the national automobile dealers association conference in March to encourage support for dealer networks. Although GAC sales under the Trumpchi nameplate of vehicles in China, but the company says it will give up this name in the United States, but to a specific market brand name to sell their cars, but has not yet been determined.
One of the first GAC models to be sold in the U.S. will be the GS8 crossover SUV. The GS8 is equipped with three rows of seats, designed to compete with models such as modern Santa fe and toyonda. The cross is driven by a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine, which is fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission.
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The GAC is at the 2017 Detroit auto show.
It remains to be seen what other tools the GAC will bring to the United States. However, given the company’s announcement of its new GA4 compact sedan in Detroit, the model could also be the country’s first product. In any case, the GAC is confident that it will succeed in building vehicles that meet all U.S. safety standards and consumer demand. Look for sales of U.S. GAC vehicles in 2019.
A certain number of Mercedes fans have been waiting for the exact car for some time. We say a nerd, simply because it is the core of the brand amateur chorus, since the MB in abandoned the steady power plant in 1999, it has been calling for a return to the inline six-cylinder engine. 429 horsepower straight six cylinder engine – four doors? So, friend, it’s like a little dot in heaven. Later this year, you can buy one in the form of Mercedes-AMG CLS53.

3.0 -liter inline six-cylinder engine can also be output 384 lb – ft of torque, and by Mercedes EQ Boost starter/generator support, when does not provide 48 v electrical system, can increase the 21 horses and 184 lb – ft. Last year, after a short driving experience, we can say that EQ Boost provides a seamless stop/start function that many of us don’t realize. It is also designed to fill the low torque gap left by the turbocharger, which has not yet been fully automated. And we can’t say that we’re going to sneeze at the power that it provides. AMG’s 9 speed automatic gearbox can handle gear shift and transmit torque through the full variable 4Matic + all-wheel drive system. “In addition to traction and lateral dynamics, the all-wheel drive can also improve longitudinal dynamics to achieve greater acceleration,” the German said. Longitudinal dynamics! That’s right, Detlev. So right. All of these technologies together are good for AMG’s claim to run at 60 miles per hour for 4.4 seconds. The same powertrain is also on display, with a similar acceleration of the new E53 coupe and convertible sports car.
The E – level CLS53 is equipped with a more aggressive front lint, with carefully designed aerodynamic characteristics designed to reduce drag, while the forward separator reduces lift. Looking back, CLS53 has four oval exhaust outlets, not a standard car slash. The standard wheels are 19 inches, and a 20-inch model fits those who like to feel every hole on Chautauqua Boulevard Boulevard.
Internally, CLS AMG is adopted new Performance of the steering wheel, the steering wheel is equipped with touch button, can response to the sliding movement, which can completely control information entertainment system, without the need for the driver to his or her hands from the wheel. In addition, the voice commands to control everything from indoor lamp to climate control system, of course, for those who like the old information entertainment deployment method users, there is still a console installation type controller with touch pad. Standard releases of AMG devices include carbon fiber trim and red seat belts, but if you like a sport-benz wood, that’s a choice. Thanks to this new CLS extension rear seat now offers three seats and folding devices that span 40/20/40 fashion, providing as much or less access to your cargo as you need.


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