The one day hemmings found – the Mercedes Benz AMG W124 hammer in 1989.


M1 power first introduced in 1984, BMW M5 sedan as a concept, mercedes-benz tuner AMG by building the popular version of the E – Class against this threat, and injected with borrowed from 560 SEC after adjustment of V – 8, and it is rated at 355 horsepower. The Hammer, an AMG super car, can also order an engine, unleaded to 6.0 liters, a blueprint that adds nearly $40,000 to Hammer’s base price of $56,000. Almost none of them were built, and among Mercedes – Benz performance enthusiasts, these models are still a coveted piece of AMG history. It was sold at in 1989 with a 6.0-liter V8 engine with a rating of 385 horsepower and a maximum speed of 190 horsepower. The interior is said to be original, in good condition, and the mechanization is described as good condition and good maintenance. From the seller’s description:

The 1989 AMG Hammer currently shows only 48,000 miles on the odometer, a true version of the true 6.0L AMG four-door supercar. For Mercedes, the W124 is definitely a rush hour, at least for those of us who like the blocky, minimum-80s German design, both in terms of quality and style. It looks like a huge victory. Even by today’s standards, the custom body kit worn by Hammers is actually extremely extreme. In general, it’s aging so well that we’re getting soft in the shape of the project, not the marketing decision. In its 100% original internal signature Recaro and wood trim.. The interior is in good condition. A black car in the black leather is a kind of elegant appearance, in addition to the table at a speed of 320 kilometers, the only thing that will let you know is more special than the 300 e is fashionable AMG body kit and original black three pieces of AMG wheels these later hammer standard displacement of 5.6 liters, but this option you can use the optional 6.0 aperture of the motor. The M117 based AMG motor, with DOHC, applies to these ultimate six – liter versions of 385HP. For 190 MPH (or more, depending on which report you believe), this one should be complete. It looks clean, though there is no standard MB air purifier shell. The mechanical properties of this car is very good, and we expect that it has a good maintenance – after all, these are not cheap machine, original sticker prices in nearly 30 years ago has reached $160000. In 1990, the price is low and a wide range of porsche 500 e of production will greatly reduce the influence of the Hammer, but compared with the car, it is not close to AMG in exclusive or street cred.


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