Refreshing or rebellious: Toyota RAV4 in 2019.


Toyota’s RAV4 has come a long way since its growth in the 1990s. In different parts of its history, it takes the form of a sports double door, a convertible, an electric car and a three-line family car. Entering the fifth generation, RAV4 received technical improvements and was located on a new platform promising better treatment. However, can the new design meet its demand in the market segment? Let’s take a look at the Toyota RAV4 model in 2019.
Whether you like the new design, Toyota’s trusted adventure and a completely different look. We anticipate some of the biggest design changes. In the last generation RAV4 features a round face, but the new pattern has a square front end. New headlights and more aggressive, sharp definition of the grid complement each other. The appearance reminds us of many tacoma, especially the adventure decoration model. Toyota also positioned the fog lights on the front lintel. In general, we’ll say that the front end of the RAV4 looks much more active than before.
Looking at the side of the cross is the same thing. The new Angle wheel arch highlights the RAV4 height. On that piece of paper, the gap between the ground and the ground increased by more than half an inch. Add to solid appearance with more body coverage.
You will also notice that the rear view mirror is located on the car door instead of the A column so that the waist line can be lowered visually and the line of sight can be raised. The model also has a large rear quarter glass area. From this point of view, you can see that the new RAV4 has a floating roof design. In addition, the roof slopes down, making the back end protruding.
At the rear, RAV4 receives a more prominent bumper and dual exhaust. There are more corner taillights, connected by a silver bar. The plate area also presents a new shape. On older models, the rear looks more upright.
Peering in the cabin, you will find that the RAV4 provides a new infotainment screen directly located on the dashboard. The location of the climate control device is low, while the new gearbox occupies less space on the central console. Now different drivers choose to be on the left side of the gear lever. There is a new electronic parking brake and a new side – side stand.
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The subaru forest is unlikely to overturn the dominance of Toyota RAV4 and Honda cr-v in the sales rankings. However, this slightly smaller all-wheel drive crossover has improved in the new generation of improvements and usability. If you miss the unveiling of the New York auto show, here are six important things about the subaru forest in 2019:
A new design, but a familiar one.
Subaru did not make a frantic retrofit to the new RAV4, as Toyota did. But you’ll notice that the car USES a higher grille, a new body covering around the wheels, new taillights, new bumpers, and other updates. The new sports models are made of black glossy finished grille frames, black 18-inch wheels and orange dots around the body. Now compare your models for 2019 and 2018.
One engine, one transmission.
Subaru is simplifying its powertrain lineup. The revised 2.5-liter quadrangle is the only engine option that provides 182 horsepower and 176 pounds of torque. That’s 12 horsepower and 2 pound-feet above the previous 2.5 liter unit. Subaru has given up on the 250hp 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine, as only 5% of Forester buyers chose the engine.
In addition, subaru is getting rid of the standard six-speed manual transmission. Now, the only transmission is CVT. Some models have paddle shifters that simulate a 7 speed manual.
I hope there’s more space in the cabin.
Forester has been adept at providing enough space for passengers and cargo, and the new models should be more spacious. Subaru has opened up 1.4 inches of extra backseat legroom and more head space, hip and shoulder space. The cargo space is slightly increased and the floor is flat. The maximum width of the back door is 51.2 inches, 5.3 inches higher than the previous version, Subaru said.
Finally, an electronic parking brake.
On the old Forester, the traditional parking brake handle is close to the driver’s seat. Now a new electronic parking brake can open more space on the central console.


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