Lamborghini Aventador’s convertible sports car comment: it’s best to have some strange, but if it’s perfect, it won’t be an Italian supercar.


Lamborghini may have a good plan, the Urus SUV is due to arrive later this year, and four four-door models may look like the sweet Asterion concept car in 2025 or 2027. After the two companies merged, the Italian supercar maker over 10,000 sold just 400 of the 350 GT a year, a year’s sales record.
But in all this exciting futurism, lamborghini wants to remind you that it is still and will continue to develop an outrageous Italian supercar.
Case: powerful and powerful Aventador S can now be provided in portable, portable, rooftop sports cars. Such equipment, when the sun came out, your mistress/boy toys have enough hair, now you can pop up the two lightweight roof plate, put them in the front of the trunk of their mounting bracket, and along the cap d ‘no matter the Cote des Fois Gras along the brilliant sunshine, up to 217 miles per hour (conditions permit).
“Aventador Roadster USES all the technology of a sports car, but it offers more,” said Alessandro Farmeschi, chief operating officer of Automobili lamborghini USA LLC. “You get more driving emotions without a roof. You come into contact with nature and you can hear the engine. ”
If you can’t, then the small back window behind your head can be lowered to listen better.
The engine is the same as Aventador’s 6.5 liter natural aspirated V12, which can reach 730 HP at 8,400 RPM and 509 pounds at 5,500 RPM. It sits vertically behind the waist pad and is used in conjunction with lamborghini’s seven-speed single-clutch automatic gearbox, a lightweight, independent gearbox. More on that. Power goes from there to all four wheels, so it’s more likely to do something.
Keep carbon-fiber monocoque clutch on the ground are four by four magnetorheological damper control putts activation of the spring, can through the three buttons in Strada (street), Sport and Corsa (orbit) three different Settings. These Settings not only adjust the shock absorber, but also adjust the steering and traction control. The fourth setting EGO refers to the Latin meaning of the word “self” and allows you to adjust each parameter according to your preference and save it for later use. At the same time, four-wheel steering is expected to have higher maneuverability at low speed and higher stability at high speed.
Ah, yes, high speed.

Where we roar – at least in Los Angeles traffic permits – in an M&M’s color on the Pacific coast highway Aventador S Roadsters attack squadron, ready to spend a day to test our adhesion limit and our tolerance is assigned a co-pilot. Skillfully, as I know the local situation, I have climbed the passenger seat of the first part. Gnome male – “. The main part is slow traffic crawling, then some more open canyons. Obviously, the traffic is slow. Let’s go. The Roadsters did sound very excited, and their exhaust notes hit the canyon walls, especially when we were flying four people.
I had to drive in the second quarter, which was a semi-closed race, with lots of emergency turns and not too much wrong space. This is more suitable for a lotus Elise or super motorcycle. At first, I owned it with the Corsa model, because I thought it was similar to the Corsa I got here. But this is overemphasized in every respect. The turn in the corner and the whole corner is simply dialed, without corresponding feedback or increased precision. Similarly, the damper feels too stiff for all surface smooth surfaces. Although the Corsa mode does not change the response of the brakes, even if the brakes are oversensitive and sensitive. I turned it back to strada, and everything felt more reasonable. But V12’s powerful monsters are too much for the narrow confines of the Santa monica mountains. Maybe Huracan Performante will work here? Maybe one day I’ll find out.
There is no doubt that the transmission will be able to advertise for 50 milliseconds. But it was the full throttle of the car, the pedals were mashed, and the maximum drag. In the case of insufficient throttle, the shift speed is much slower, sometimes hesitating. Like you can do here in Miami for slow cruise – my last a Aventador roadster in Miami are introduced in the fair city – in fact, these changes smoothly the sambuca. It was between these two extremes that I longed for a double clutch or even – so – a manual.
Then, after a truly magnificent two-hour lunch in Italy, I talked to Farmeschi about everything except cars, and we went back to Aventadors. I relieved some bedroom eyes staring at the French tourists, in France, I am, is actually a movie star, we came back to the Aventador, and immediately an empty been opened, open, slightly curved PCH. Finally, here is the perfect place for the Lamboghini Aventador S convertible. A slight bend allows the beast to use a new four-wheel steering gear in some very fast sweeping corners to keep the beast in the way; Monster V12 can fully open, and all four wheel torque transfer out, and demolition of the roof to allow all of the sun, off the coast of all attractions, sounds and smells, and gurgling flow to the open ocean we almost in a cabin on the right side. Bain, I think. Molto bene.


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