Kia K900: it’s back, looking better at the second attempt at the administrative parking space.


What it is: kia’s large flagship sedan, the second generation K900. The white car was found in a commercial shoot in San Diego and snapped up by loyal car and driver readers. At the same time, kia released the first two official images of the new model, a black version of the K900.
Why it matters: in terms of sales, it doesn’t matter. All stripes car lost to cross car sales, and kia last year sent K900 hundreds K900 bike, on the run from the rival’s $60000 luxury cars and its parent company’s Genesis G90 competition, get more attention. This time, kia brought its California studio into the modelling mix, and it turned out to be very handsome, even though the back end was similar to the Mercedes Benz, and it looked as if it could be directed toward the s-class. The interior decoration was used by Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix to simulate the clock and LED mood lighting to glow in different colors. The new K900 looks more affordable and upscale from every Angle.
Platform: new car and G90- a competent chassis that shares its bones anyway – so it should provide better performance and a higher level of experience. According to kia, the wheelbase is 2.3 inches longer than the outgoing K900 and 2.2 inches shorter than the G90. We want new cars to drive better, too. The current K900 is a damp piece of work, compared to the same price of a startup player,
Powertrain: the new K900 is expected to be equipped with the G90’s two engines, equipped with a 365 HP dual turbine 3.3-liter V6, and a 5.0 liter V8 with 420 ponies. Kia currently produces 311 horsepower and 3.8 liters of the V6 engine may return at a slightly higher power. The eight-speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive will become standard configuration, while the AWD logo on the front fender of the white car shows that the four driving wheels are also a choice.
Expected delivery and price: K900 will debut at the New York auto show and will arrive at kia by the end of 2018. The base price will start at $6,000, and the v-8 will start at more than $70,000, but kia will still be cheaper than the same G90.
What it is: the seventh-generation BMW 3-series car’s camouflage packaging prototype is running around Germany.
: why is important for generations, the BMW 3 series of sports car has been regarded as the perfect example of varieties, although the final version in the design and performance close to the standard, because BMW sales in the low-end market chase, limousine part of the abdomen.

When we published an artist May 3 series 2019 cars last year, rendering we are told, design more advanced than it is now 5 series and 7 and bold, but according to the situation we see here, that may not be the case. The shape is sure to change in nominal terms, but the shape and window shape (including the iconic Huffman twist in the C column) are still almost identical to the outside vehicle. We can see through the camouflage changes including the larger headlamps between components of the kidney grille, not only by its internal definition itself – it will be LED lighting components, like the model 2018 – but the bumper, small chunk can rise between main bulb of these four lights to create a signature look. Farther away, the body has become smooth around the door handle, with the new BMW X4 in 2019.
Interior designers seem to have taken a safe approach. Although we would like to see a big step forward, but there may be a – in terms of color or material of current model and update the brothers in favor of human body engineering and elegant appearance is not a bad thing. People can be expected, most (if not all) of the BMW 5 new technologies and comfortable sexual function will lead to gesture control system 3, and 3 series has been provided by the evolution of technology and function of luxury version. In the prototype, we see installed iDrive knob located at the back of the electric transmission on the console, infotainment display (may be a touch screen) is now more accessible in a lower position.
Platform: although the skin may look similar, the bones will be new. The 3 series will be equipped with the BMW CLAR (cluster architecture) platform, which is expected to lose 150 pounds of weight from the shoulder weight and lower the center of gravity, both of which can help restore the luster of its movement. We just hope that even the basic version of the new 3 will be closer to the latest M5, rather than the slightly softer 5 series based on the model.
Powertrain: the new 3 is expected to provide a wide range of turbocharged inline engines, including three cylinder engines, worldwide. The U.S. market is likely to adhere to the 330i 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, with the M340i engine capable of up to 400 horsepower. The six-speed manual gearbox and the ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox will also be used. A 330e plug-in hybrid will appear later, and the M3 hot rod will appear.


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