Tesla Model X P100D: Nor’easter test drive electric suvs in winter?


A half-truck from the United States postal service was stranded on a cold hillside. It bravely to the slogan of the postal agency, “neither snow or rain, hot, also does not have the dark night, the Courier can quickly finish their appointment”, and failed. It’s a snap. The software package was delayed, even worse, not delivered at all.
However, the all-wheel drive electronic divider, the tesla X, pulls up at the scene. “It’s not a trailer,” you laugh, because you’re watching YouTube and probably nobody. Type of wing box cross connected to a tractor trailer, damn thing will drag the mountains, so that you can avoid people had to request Alexa reorder now the battery in the ditch beside the highway.
The video description does show that tesla is not a real hero, it can’t win the tractor pull or pull the 747 down the runway. Instead, it shows that it is best able to use its instantaneous torsion surface, and more importantly, it has excellent intelligent traction control that can help tractor trailers climb.
The thing is, people don’t read video. Tesla fans and enemies, voice groups who do not necessarily need facts to form opinions, praise model X’s drag power or denigrating it as a fictional stunt. But behind all of these ideas, the X machine has an effective snowfall mechanism.
Especially P100D. This is the model X you see on YouTube, beating a quarter mile of supercar. This is because it has a 100 kWh battery, front and rear electric motors, a gear and instantaneous torque. There’s a lot more. The X type has a power of 603 horsepower and a torque of 713 pound-feet.
Tesla says the P100D will reach 60 in just 2.9 seconds, a staggering number when you think it weighs 5,400 pounds and can accommodate seven adults. It’s a minivan that’s as fast as McLaren’s 570S.
And it’s better in the snow, especially when it’s on the right tire. On the night before a storm in March, tesla called to ask if we were interested in taking model X to New York City during the blizzard to see how it would behave.

In recent years, there have been severe winter storms in the northeast, which caused the February heat wave to destroy 15 inches of snow. There is no such thing as climate change, because it snowed in March, even though it was 65 degrees in the first two days.
The storm is different. It was a bust at first, but it was sleet, and it was more boring than the actual problem. The most dangerous part is to step on a roadside rock into a puddle in your shoe, wet your socks, and ruin your day. Nor is it a true test of the snow resistance of any car.
The New York driver still freaked out. They went 12 or 112 miles. There is no middle. No one USES the right tires. To avoid huge potholes, they either turn around the road or run through them, the black Camrys absorb the impact and the driver calls out to the bluetooth. When we picked up the photographer, Dave Burnett, he was wearing a raincoat, ready to soak and snow.
Through all this, model X is still very quiet. At low speeds, you are not disturbed by any road noise, and because it is electric (do you hear that tesla is electric?) , so you can’t hear any mechanical devices. My passengers are looking at Facebook, Snapchat and other social media platforms that have long since lost their practical value. The only real sign is that the windshield wipers worked overtime to get the mud off the car.


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