Lincoln pilot concept: five things you need to know.


We saw a lot of new suvs at this year’s New York auto show. But while Toyota’s RAV4 and Cadillac XT4 may be sold in larger Numbers, the show’s coolest show is the concept of the Lincoln pilot. Looking for every bit of luxury for the newly redesigned Lincoln navigator, the three rows of pilots promised the same big blow to ford’s luxury brand. If this interests you, here are five facts about the Lincoln pilot you need to know.
Although Lincoln described it as a concept for pilots, it has become the green light for production. We don’t know exactly when it will arrive, but we do know that Aviator will be available sometime in 2019. There will be no major changes either now or later. Some details may be different, but the SUV you see here is very close to the SUV that Lincoln dealers will sell next year.
Unlike the original, the new Aviator will be built on a single platform. While it won’t be a true SUV, the new Aviator will be a rear wheel drive. Lincoln said it did not completely stop using the front drive platform, but it was reported that the layout would allow designers to make the second and third rows more spacious.
As the navigator looks so long, you might think Aviator is targeting medium-sized competitors such as BMW X5 and porsche. But Lincoln already had a midsize crossover: the nautilus. It was reported that the pilot was 10 inches longer than the nautilus, but still 10 inches shorter than the navigator. So think of it as more mercedes-benz GLS competitors.

Lincoln did not specify which launch opportunity would enter the pilot, but it could be a double turbocharged 2.7-liter v-6. It may not sound like the v-8, but the engine can provide 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque on the nautilus, so the pilot should not lack motivation. Plug-in hybrid versions will also be available, providing more power, and can be driven in an electric mode.
Pilot owners will be able to use their phones as key, but this is far from the only cool feature that Lincoln plans to offer. The active driving accessories, called Lincoln co-pilot360, include automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane maintenance, and rear brake assist. The adaptive dashpot will be used in conjunction with a technology called suspension preview, which USES cameras to identify potholed and broken roads.


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