Hamilton admitted that Mercedes was not the fastest team in the race.


Lewis Hamilton admitted that Mercedes was not the most competitive race car on the track after the first three games of the 2018 season, and he needed to find a new sense of the car.
The four-time world champion Mercedes has not won three consecutive games since the start of the 2018 season, the first since 2014.
Ferrari took pole position in the Chinese grand prix and got the second link this year, while Hamilton was only fourth in qualifying. At one point, Hamilton was on the edge of the podium compared to his team-mate, walter bothas.
“No change my thoughts, my goal is still the same,” after the game asked if confidence is still high for this year’s drivers’ annual championship, British people say, “but it is clear that this weekend we are not the fastest team. That’s the ferrari.”
“We have lost the expressive force since Melbourne, and maybe this weekend will be more of a setback, and now it’s the second or third fastest. So we need to improve, and that’s not impossible.”
But Hamilton believes Mercedes has the absolute power to regroup. He said: “I think in the past few years, the team has shown our advantages: solidarity, continue to hard work, no matter the factory or on the track team, work hard, and we get a lot of information over the past two weeks.”
“Of course I also need to work very hard, James Vowles, James (ellison), n (the boss) and Tod (Wolf), both in encouraging the team, so they know which aspects of the car is most struggle, and then put all the experience to solve the problem, or to make sure we have more next upgrade, etc. They need some constructive pressure, but they are determined to win as many victories as possible. It’s a battle, a team fight.”
Sunday’s game, become a turning point in the game of the safety car, red bull promotion recall two drivers for their soft tyres, to the second circle of more than 20, take advantage of the tire to continue to use the medium of ferrari, Mercedes driver.

Despite this, Hamilton refused to take the strategy, the whole weekend’s hot and cold weather as an excuse not to win.
“I definitely think this weekend I’m in the best state, to prepare for work as normal, just for the car feel very struggle,” the Englishman said, “with its strange weather, strategy, or other, I just don’t feel comfortable on the car this weekend.”
“Saturday and Sunday are short of speed, not the speed I usually have. I need to deal with it myself, find a solution and move on. Of course, this is a chain reaction, but I struggle more on my side.
Chinese grand prix on alex vesta pan with Sebastian vettel controversial collision, “disappointed” about vesta, pan said, his own son, but it is necessary in the face of the fierce fighting for more thinking.
In “Peptalk” on the Dutch television channel Ziggo, old vestan admits that it was a mistake that he needed to avoid in the future, when Max hit him and was punished by 10 seconds. He also revealed that he would meet with his son this week to discuss what had happened.
“It’s really not the right time for vettel’s overtaking,” he said. “that’s not possible. This is a false judgment.”
“In some cases, Max has to think more. I don’t want him to change his driving style. He had more than two people in his car. He did it perfectly. That’s what we all want to see.”
“But we don’t want to see that. He needs to control the situation. He needs to think.”
“I’ll see him tomorrow. Last week was very painful, but we need to talk about it and analyze what happened in the right way. It can’t be done. He already knows that. I don’t have to say too much.


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