Ford BRONCO: what does ford expect from an off-road vehicle?


As early as 2004, the ford Bronco concept car debuted at the Detroit auto show. In addition to the upcoming film rush, the Bronco concept has become the focus. As the risk of young buyers have flocked to the jeep wrangler off-road vehicles, such as ford felt the market open, and announced at the 2017 Detroit auto show, bronco-worth around will return to its lineup in 2020 and the 2019 ford Ranger pickup reincarnation. Here’s our hope for the 2020 ford Bronco rebirth.
It’s no secret that the original ford mustang has seen some recent recoveries. As the price of the late 60 s clean cars soared to more than $50000, and consider some of the original mustang drives – we have to believe that its trademark design is an important factor to increase its value. We expect Bronco to look like modern Bronco’s original design in 2020. Think more about how ford designed the current mustang and GT supercars, rather than the complicated design of the 2002 ford thunderbird.
According to Joe Hinrichs, President of ford americas, Bronco will be “loyal to its heritage” and will be recognized immediately in 2020.
According to ford’s trailer released earlier this year, we expect the new bronco-worth around double box shape will be the same as the original, including upright windshield, large side-view mirror, horn fenders and backboard installation of a full range of – a lot of spare parts. Nor would we be surprised to see some more modern design details on the reborn Bronco, such as the grilles inspired by ford’s f-150 Raptor pickup.
Their bones
When ford Bronco stopped production in 1996 after 30 years of operation, it was almost a two-door version of the ford f-150 with a backseat and a covered cargo area. The new ford Bronco is expected to borrow heavily from the new 2019 Ranger midsize pickup truck, but will not use it publicly, which will be produced in the same way as Bronco on the Michigan Wayne production line. The new Bronco will use the body frame structure and share its platform with the Ranger.
Bronco can also use short and long shafts to accommodate two and four versions. With four Jeep Wrangler Unlimited’s sales of about three to one, the first ford Bronco’s four-door business case is self-evident.
Under the hood.
Those who hold their breath for v-8’s Bronco are better able to inhale and jump on the EcoBoost bandwagon. Ford has fully accepted the miniatinization of the engine, replacing the naturally aspirated v-8 and v-6 with a two-turbine v-6 and a single-turbine i-4.
The Bronco’s basic engine may be the same as that of ford Ranger’s 2.3-liter turbo-4 engine in 2019. Ford has yet to confirm the Ranger’s horsepower data, but the same engine outputs 310 horsepower and 350-foot-feet of torque on the ford mustang EcoBoost in 2018. Similarly, smart money says the new Bronco will have a 10-speed automatic gearbox, but it is not clear whether the six-speed manual transmission will be able to produce a business case. Still, Bronco is more attractive than a pickup.

We also expect to have a dual turbocharged v-6 at some point in the new Bronco, if not, start the interim update in time. Ford’s EcoBoost 2.7 litre v-6 seems to be the most likely candidate. It produces 325 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque on the f-150. Diesel may also be a possibility.
Ford’s only confirmed powertrain is a hybrid powertrain. We have found a camouflage f-150 plug-in hybrid, and we have to imagine that the power assembly of the ford Bronco hybrid will be relevant in 2020.
Cross-country hardware
In addition to the rock-climbing scene, Jim Farley, ford’s global head of marketing, suggested that he would follow the raptor’s desert runway instead of driving a jeep. This is not to say that Bronco will not be able to climb Moab’s Slickrock Trail, but it sounds more like a high-speed desert car. It was not a bad habit for ford, given the initial Bronco race on the baja peninsula.
Given this, we wouldn’t be surprised to find that the Fox Shox suspension, like the suspension found on the f-150 Raptor and the Ranger Raptor on the global market, can be found on the most hard-core cross-country Bronco model. The lock differential is almost a guarantee, and it should be helpful for the differential before it is torn in the sand dunes. Bronco should also have various off-road models to help different types of terrain, such as earth, snow, rock or sand.
We also look forward to the full and optional four-wheel drive of the standard, similar to ford’s approach to the new adventure of 2018 and the ranger in 2019. On the two models, more fuel-efficient all-wheel drive system can be used to satisfy buyers who do not make any hardcore off-road, and those who need it can choose real four-wheel drive system – range.
One of the most difficult parts of any suv is its axle, and the Bronx should be covered. “Car news” reports that Dana, which also makes solid shafts for the jeep herders, was chosen to provide the axle for ford Ranger in 2019 and ford Bronco in 2020. Bronco will have a strong rear bridge, just like its Ranger brother. Automotive News reported bronco-worth around will get stable front axle as Wrangler, but we are skeptical – strong front axle in the aspect of rock creep, but independent front suspension is like the suspension of the F – 150 is more suitable for high-speed off-road raptor.


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