Toto Wolf: the temperature of the cooler triggers the Mercedes.


Shanghai, China – Mercedes boss toto Wolfe believes his team will be closer to the game after being fully qualified by ferrari on Saturday in the Chinese grand prix.
The two Mercedes drivers were both in the heat and windy conditions of the qualifying session, finishing in third and fourth place – Sebastian vettel’s pole position for more than half a second. In a scrimmage Friday, lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas appears to be more competitive in warm conditions, and Wolf believe team discovered by cooling conditions on Sunday after rally on Sunday.
“Yes, tomorrow will be proof of the concept,” he said. “If not, we have to understand, but I think the prediction is conducted in quite a different temperature, high temperature 20 degrees Celsius, it’s a long race, it may be very different, we have seen tomorrow, but we have to see if this proved right. ”
The problem in qualifying, wolff says, is that it failed to reach temperatures in a single lap.
“One car won’t lose speed from one day to the next, nor from one day to the next. The foundation of the car is very good, we lost, because it is to let the tire in the correct temperature window – endless story. Everything that we’ve suffered from overheating to this day has happened today.

“We will always be in a state of cold, this led to a lack of grip, you can see today ferrari tires on the right side of the window, and it looks like their cars like on the orbit, similar to us in Melbourne.”
Wolff shook off the suggestion, which marked the end of the Mercedes era.
Said “no, if we do, this is the end of an era, then it’s not the right mindset, we have shown that in the past, we have been recovered from a difficult time, in fact, I began to appreciate the difficulties because they make us better understand our car, and through learning from these days, our team is growing stronger.
“If you had a very nice day, you wouldn’t say, ‘why did we win the game? ‘but’ why we lost the game, ‘we asked ourselves many times, and it’s more polite to say that when it’s tight, we start to really embrace those days and try to learn. “


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