In 2019, acura RDX peek and the RDX prototype of the RDX based on the light and light camouflage.


What it is: an actual acura RDX prototype, rather than the hot RDX prototype concept that debuted at the Detroit auto show in 2018. As expected, RDX’s production USES the concept car’s ultra-thin exterior and a 21-inch display wheel for larger mirrors and smaller vehicles. It is noteworthy that the concept of pre-production RDX is fog lamps and chrome plated window decorations. However, we expect both projects to be seen in production models.
Why it matters: as Acura’s second best-selling brand, RDX is almost as important as the MDX, the most successful brand. While the current RDX is as exciting as the secondary production of watching Grease, the new third generation RDX hopes to inject more joy into the new chassis and standard turbocharged four-cylinder engines.
Platform: in 2019, acura RDX adopts the new acura exclusive platform. While the front wheel drive will remain the default setting, consumers can choose the latest version of the acura super processing all-wheel drive (sh-awd) system. It is said that the power transmission system of sh-awd now sends more torque relative to today’s RDX to the torque vector. In addition, RDX will provide optional adaptive dampers that allow drivers to switch between Sport, Sport +, Comfort and Snow.
Powertrain: look for a 2.0 liter straight four-cylinder turbocharged engine from the latest Honda accord, and find its direction under the hood of the RDX. The engines are expected to provide the same 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque as the Honda sedan. The 10 – speed automatic transmission will be the only gearbox provided, and the directional disc gearbox will add a bit of drive control.
Competition: audi Q5, alfa romeo Stelvio, BMW X3, buick Envision, infiniti QX50, mercedes-benz GLC, Volvo XC60.
Expected arrival time and price: the 2019 acura RDX will be available later this year, with a base price of less than $40,000. Prepared to pay $50,000 for the sh-awd model with the new a-spec sports pack.
The result, however, is a modern packaging box full of dynamic nostalgia. Here to test the X3 M40i avoids the entry-level version 2018 X3 xDrive30i 248 horsepower turbocharged 2.0 -liter inline four-cylinder engine, instead use the same new engine series 355 horsepower turbocharged 3.0 -liter inline six-cylinder engine. Don’t disturb why the 3.0 liter 6 is equipped with a 40i logo, 2.0-liter X3 with 30i (once used as a nickname for the six-cylinder X3); Germany has almost given up on any basic theory of numerology.

So anyway, this is the M under the 40i. In BMW, place M before the engine mark (not before the M3 model line number, or after the SUV’s name, as before X5 M), indicating the involvement of the M Performance sub-brand. These models exist between the ordinary BMW and the fully mature M car, just like the Mercedes-AMG 43 and 53 models, including the X3 direct competition GLC43.
M in this case the performance status means BMW conforming more solid M Sport suspension, with blue M Sport brake calipers and variable-ratio steering Settings, most of which can be selected on the four cylinder X3. The $700 adaptive suspension mounted on our test vehicle is fitted with an electronic adaptive damper, which is strongly associated with the M40i comfort, movement and movement + driving mode.
Whether the M40i suspension or turbo-charged inline six-cylinder bug, this is a lot of trouble. Even on a poorly maintained road, and even on our X3’s optional 20-inch wheels, the former can provide a flattering ride quality while keeping the body side tilted, subducting and squatting. In the comfort mode, the suspension is perfectly fine – the sport setting adds to the harsh feeling, without significantly improving the car’s handling.
Oh, but the engine. With 355 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, the M40i added 55 horses and 69 pound-feet of torque compared to last year’s six-cylinder X3 xDrive35i. Our test car ripped to 60 MPH in 4.4 miles per hour, making it just ahead of the slightly more powerful GLC43 SUV and audi SQ5. New six-cylinder engine X3 inline six-cylinder engine the same as the old car is fluent, linear transmission power, but unfortunately, it’s true voice was overshadowed by the electronic amplifier noise M40i loudspeaker broadcast. Just as good as those sounds, who needs to make a fake when the reality of a Bavarian cylinder can drop its ears?
Looking at the BMW identity crisis over the past few years, the adjustment of the torque converter’s automatic transmission has never been a problem. The eight-speed automatic gearbox used here is no different, the ratio is impeccable, and the cooperation is satisfactory. Again, people don’t need to venture into sports or sports + content. We found that clicking on the shift lever from D to S could add enough momentum to the power assembly without introducing unnecessary rush.


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